Reflection paper Essay

What went well; Discuss briefly 2-3 things that you feel went well during the Interview portion. (your performance)

When I talking about my hobbies and interests outside of work, they seem to be interested in my subject. For example, I mentioned that I like to read some inspiring novels that can help open my mind and instill positive thoughts into me, they will nod and smile at me. I feel that I have established a good connection with interviewers and they seemed to be energized when talking with me.

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Reflection paper Essay
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When they ask me to describe my strengths and weaknesses, I honestly sold my strengths without sounding conceited and talked about my shortcomings without compromising my candidacy. I provided honest and thoughtful answers to the interviewer to highlight my self-awareness and help them determine my expertise. Although my English is not very good, I would try to convey my message to the interviewers and try to make them understand what I am saying.

Areas for development; Briefly Discuss 2-3 things that you feel could be some areas for change/ development (of your performance)

The areas of development that I wish to improve are communication skills and self-confidence. Communication skills not only focus on verbal and nonverbal skills but also on active listening. I hope I can improve my ability to listen actively, which will help me listen carefully to what others want to convey, rather than rushing to conclusions. When communicating with the interviewers, paying attention to their hidden messages through their body language, eye contact, and emotional expression to help me understand their feelings. Besides, I have low self-confidence and I always compare myself to others. I am very worried about what other people think of me and I hope to be recognized by others. To improve my self-confidence, I should not underestimate myself and give too much attention to negative thoughts, as it will make me more passive and think that I cannot succeed in the future. Thus, I should look at my strengths and learn from the mistakes to improve myself, instead of give up on myself.


Please briefly discuss 3 points of the Interviewer’s Feedback

Through the interviewer’s feedback, I should improve my leadership skills. If I am just mechanically completing tasks without any sensible direction to achieve a common goal, it will affect my performance productivity. I should not always follow what others people do, but must have my own opinions and decision-making on my performance. Also, when I convey my information to others, I am not specific enough to elaborate on my points and I am not clear what I want to convey. Therefore, I should be prepared to do more practice on how to deal with interview questions and learn how to provide clear and specific information in future interviews. Not only that, but I also need to improve my English proficiency because I always need to think about the words before I speak and the message I want to convey sometimes not clear. Thus, I should improve my English levels by practicing more conversations with others in English, which can help me communicate with others without barriers and have more confidence to talk to others in English.

Discuss briefly 2-3 points you had clarified with the Interview-panel

I had clarified with the interview-panel by asking the interviewers about my responsibility for the job. This allow me to learn about my job role and see if the job is really what I want. This question can help me learn more about institutions culture and expectations, and thus show that I am well-suited. I also asked the interviewers what are their requirements for the candidate, so that I can better understand whether my skills can be applied to my work. I also want to know what challenges this position will face, which will help me prepare for the position and have an idea of the challenges that need to be addressed.

LEARNING: Discuss 3 things you have learned from this exercise? This could include insights, changes in perception/feeling towards the process, knowledge gained etc.

Since I did not have a formal interview experience before, I do not know how to present myself. When the interviewers ask me questions, I feel nervous and my body is in a state of tension. However, this formal interview helps me be more prepared for my future interview and allows me to improve my interview performance. I learned that I should believe in myself before others believe in my abilities, so l learned not to sell myself short. Besides, this exercise gives me an idea on how to resolve conflicts within a team. I learned that I cannot stand neutral in the workplace as it seems to put myself in a comfort zone. Instead of remaining neutral, I have to stand up and make judgments and use a win-win solution so that both parties can gain benefits, which can satisfy the company and employees. Since I do not have a clear goal for the future, the impression I give to the interviewer is that I do not know what I want to achieve and what I truly want. Thus, I understand that I should set a short-term and long-term goal as it can give me a direction in life. Having a goal allows me to focus on a target instead of wasting time on aimless shooting. In the workplace, goal setting can motivate me and increase my effort on work.


Based on the feedback received from your Interviewer and your own reflections/insights, please complete the following

Goals (Goals should ideally follow the SMART criteria– Specific, Measurable, Achievable/Attainable, Relevant/Realistic, and Time-bound). Please write about your Long Term Goal (1 goal).

As I do not want to work so much that I forgot how to enjoy my life, so my long term goal is to have a work-life balance. The specific goal I want to achieve is to have an ideal balance between work and private life so that I have my own time to do what I want. The measurable goal is that I will try to finish my work as soon as possible in a month. The achievable goal I need to achieve is that during the working time, I would not be wandering and I will finish my work before 6 pm so that I have remain time to belong with my family and do what I want. The realistic goal is I can finish my work and leave work by 6 pm. The timely goal is I should be able to get my things done by 6pm every day and spent time with my family to prevent myself from burnout in the workplace.

Top 3 Strengths Strategies to enhance them

1. Commitment towards responsibility I have always been known for my work ethic. When the project had a tight deadline, do not waste time on things that don’t matter, but instead make the best use of time to get the job done on time and ensure the quality of the results.

2. Calm Try to think positively to prevent me from indulging in a stressful situation. I learn to calm my day so that I can stay calm when stress comes. When I feel anxious, I also take a deep breath, which helps to calm me down.

3. Openness to learn new thing Meet inspiring and well-educated people that can awaken the best part of me, and their experience sharing and feedback can help me succeed in the future. Also, don’t be afraid to fail as it is part of learning, which allows me to learn more new things and can turn failure into success.

Top 3 Areas for Development Strategies to overcome them

1.Problem-solving skills I will learn to acknowledge the problem and then focus on solution-oriented ways of thinking. Try to find the root cause of a problem and simplify it to prevent it from becoming more complicated. Then, try to come up with many solutions as possible and find the best solution to the problem.

2. Communication skills I will improve my English levels so that there are no barriers to interacting with others. I will learn to precisely and accurately describe the information I want to express to ensure that my information is interpreted correctly.

3. Confidence level I will try to eliminate negative thoughts about myself and stop thinking too much about past failures. Do not worry about what other people think of me, just do what I can and try to do my best, as this is my performance. Try to say something positive to myself to help strengthen my positive energy and increase my self-confidence.

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