Reality TV assignment Reality Tv show Bigg boss Reality tv show is Essay

Reality TV assignment

Reality Tv show: Bigg boss

Reality tv show is a show that depicts unscripted real-life situations in a program. According to Germans, reality T.V show Is called ‘Schadenfreude’, which means taking pleasure from others bad conditions.

I have chosen Bigg Boss which is an Indian reality T.V show broadcasted on “Colors” T.V channel. This show is basically based on Big Brothers’ theme. This show has become very popular in India in past few years. It gets it most of the audience from YouTube.

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Reality TV assignment Reality Tv show Bigg boss Reality tv show is Essay
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I am very fond of this show because It has lots of drama and the whole show is unscripted, therefore most of the elements in the show are uncensored. This T.V reality show also show the different aspects of human behavior. This show includes celebrities to appeal younger audience. As in this all the contestants are unfamiliar to each other and they had to live together in one house as a whole family for 13 weeks.

The house is built purpose-built house and all the contestants are isolated form the whole world for 13 weeks. Housemates are overseen by a mysterious person know as ‘Big Boss’ who’s the only persons that interacts with housemates that only through voice. The house has no TV connection, clocks, paper or pen, telephones, internet connection.


• What kind of fan club or fan sites have formed around the show? What do these tell you about the show’s appeal and its values?

o there are not many fan clubs related to big boss but I was able to find few fan clubs on social media like @bigboss11fans on Instagram.

o The fan club gives highlight update of the show and as well as they share their personal views.

• Who is the target audience for the show, how and why does it appeal to this group of people?

o Big boss targets audience all around India of all age groups. The majority of audience comes from younger generation. Youth gets really excited for this show as they get to see their favorite celebrity. This show was also labelled as the most entertaining show of India. In this show numerous tasks are given to contestants. All the task are mainly games modified to make it look entertaining to the audience.

Casting characters

• Who is the part of the show? What stereotypes do they reinforce?

o The main cast of the show is one of the most famous Indian actor Salman Khan. Salman khan is known as a national treasure in India. He is one of the most successful Bollywood actors today. He is loved by fans all around the world. The contestants include celebrities from all professions like sports, singing, dancing. Even fitness athletes and politicians become the part of this entertaining show each season.

• Is the sampling of contestants an accurate representation or a distorted perspective on reality?

o The big boss majorly depends on the contestants as there are no scripts. The quality of contestants plays a major role. The contestants are selected from different background all over different professions to increase public views and increase interest of youth in this reality T.V show.

Message/ values

• what attitude does the show take toward its own themes (e.g., competition, man vs nature, jealousy etc.)?

o the house of big boss act as a confined space which includes all modern facilities essential for human nature but the contestants of house does not have any link with outside world until the contestants leave the house. There are no ways to communicate with outside world as well as there is no telephone or T.V and even internet is banned inside the house.

o This show reflects the human nature when people unknown to each other have to live together in a confined house it gets really interesting how they will behave with each other during the show.

• Imagine a child were were watching the show, what does it tell that child about the world?

o In this show all the contestants are treated equally no matter which profession they belong to or how much popular they are, they will be treated as all other contestants. Thus, by watching this kind of show child learns that respect should be equal for all the human beings and all humans should be treated as equal disregarding their age, gender, popularity etc.

Personal interest

• Why did you select the show? What does it mean to you?

o This show is the most entertaining show in India, this is one of the many reasons why I have chosen this show. This show keeps a person entertaining and excited for the whole season. The host of the show is also my favorite actor. This show depicts the reality of contestants living in the house. This T.V show also show the personality of different celebrities when they are out of their comfort zone.

• What kind of feeling does the show instill your mind? How does it instruct you about the topics it addresses?

o This T.V show depicts the politics, conspiracy that people use in their daily life with their friends and society. The show is a political satire and also improve the quality of life. According to me, some people can make their career out of this show.

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