Read Fiztmyer on Eschatology

(1) Read Fiztmyer on Eschatology (pp. 46-47; #’s 45-47): Fitzmyer Eschatology.pdf.Preview the document

Pay particular attention to the examples starting with this sentence in the first paragraph of #45: “The undeniable elements of this futurist eschatology . . .” Then in the second paragraph of #45, where present or realized eschatology is discussed: “But along with this future aspect is also the present aspect . . .” I realize the Fitzmyer reading is packed; but it is what it is: encyclopedic information on Paul’s theology.

(2) In this reading, Fitzymer discusses a realized eschatology and a futurist eschatology. The former is about how the end of evil is realized now; the latter is about how evil will be done away with in the future. For Paul, humanity’s connection with the Flesh, Satan, and Sin appears to be cut off now (realized eschatology in Romans 6). And humanity’s connection with Death appears to be cut off in the future (futurist eschatology in 1 Thessalonians).

(3) In the box below, give me one example of realized eschatology in the Fitzmyer reading, and give me one example of futurist eschatology.

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