Reaction Paper On Stage Play Essay

STARS (JP Lopez)
Cindy Liper as Wilma Jerie Sanchez as Juday Patricia Lopez as Norma Ken Sadsad as Edward Junelyn Villareal as Jolens Jm Encinas as Boyet

There were 2 known person in showbiz , who are old friends,but because of their feelings on a guy they became enemy for a long time..even if they are neighbors they have been outdoing & became worst.E ven if their maids (yaya) are in the same situation and same thought. This 2 known person in showbiz have a sons who promised them to bring them in United States .

And when their sons came home from America , they are trying to say that their son is better than the other. And when they are fighting / quarilling again ,their sons admitted that they have re3lationship , and intend to live abroad and because of that unexpected news ,they felt guilt, they realize and awakened that fighting against each other is no good thing to offer.

And lastly they became friends all over again.

This play is so fuuny.. because each one of them delivered their role nice & energetic. Most specially Norma & Wilma ,together w/ their maids Judy & Jolenz.. And I like that play very much.,it is because they made
me happy.

Cherry Bagtas as Benny Chin Ortega as Eagle Patrick Libao as Bok Gabby Bautista as Batik

This 3 siblings have a store/ shop where-in all their selling goods are came from stealing.,Because of this, they already mastered the act of stealing like AKYAT-BAHAY, SHOPLIFTING, etc. And the manager of this shop is a young boy at the age of 7, he can manage the shop accordingly. One day his elder sister & brother want to change their bad lifestyle in a good & honest work/job.

And because of their aunts letter who are in the jail ,they have a chance to change into a good person, but this young boy doesn’t like the opinion of his sister & brother..While they have their impt. Conversation.the police came to arrest them bec. Of some crimes they did, this young boy said that they kidnap him, and he told this to safe him from tha policeman..While he is emerged, his brother & sister are arrested.

This is the story that I appreciate most , it is bec. Even if Batik isw only a 7 year old boy he can as older as its sister & brother. And I impressed the way Batik deliver his role . The whole-play is good and interesting.


Monique Azzereda as Debbie Mar Miranda as Wally Jordan Ladra as Senedy Kevin Posadas as Pepper

A childhood friends decided to have a trip in hongkong. While waiting for departure a typhoon came that the reason why they’re been stranded in the H.K. airport. . Debbie & Senedy are having a secret relationship, but they don’t know how to profess their rel. to Wally & Pepper..Unexpectedly Pepper has feelings to Debbie where in Pepper & Debbie are brothers..But bec. Of Pepper’s situation , Senedy decided to secret their rel. w/ Debbie . but Pepper told to them that he already know the secret of the 2..and they did not admit ..after that a good news came that their flight to Manila as finally oik.

This play is all about friendship and love. I liked how Senedy take good care of his brother who are not in good condition. And I liked the way they acted, even if they are not as serious as Pitik Surplus actors/actes acted.but over all this is a good play.

SPIRITS(Patrick Libao)
Chris Lim as William
Adeele Ibarrientas as Zenaida

A guy having a medical problem because he can’t able to get away from the past when the time of Spaniards . And he can saw frightful things around him he felt fearful & threatened ..But his wife are keep on teeling that the things that he can see is just only his imagination,but he is still not believen in his wife, instead he always hurting his wife just like before when his wife are still alive.. And when he realize everything that his parents & wife are already dead , he understood everything that is happening around him.

Since this is my first time to watch a horror play like this .i was so scared when-ever the ghost are appearing.. The whole story is good..And I impreesed the way Zenaida & William acted.

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