Reaction Paper Essay

On August 3, the 1st year BSHM-CA students held an educational tour in different places of Manila and especially the main event of the tour is in the Fontana Resort, Clark Pampanga. The Educational tour started out as an escape from school for most of us students, bonding with friends, chance to unwind and of course, to learn new things and to gain knowledge at the same time that we may apply someday. First, we went to the entertainment room of the Resort where we discussed about the events, places of Pampanga and also some psychologic facts.

After we enter the entertainment room of the Resort, there’s a short briefings about history of Pampanga, the course we took. We also did some different kinds of entertainment like singing, dancing, having fun, and eating. I learned a lot and also it is really useful because it’s important that you know how having an educational tour begins, the history and evolution of Pampanga because other people didn’t know that and I can share what I learned and discovered.

After the short visit to entertainment room of the Resort, we went straight to our second destination the area of the Resort, I found myself amazed and amused because the place is really relaxing and unwinding. After we arrived in our hotel rooms, we wait for about 30 minutes because there was a huge rain that day and it looked like a storm. So it’s our time to eat lunch, relax, taking pictures, nap and retouch. After that we go back to our assigned rooms and relax and had fun there. I found our tour very interesting because I felt the happiness in me but it’s also a challenge for us. That’s all. Thank you.

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