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REASON TO CHOOSE MASTER OF PROFESSIONAL ACCOUNTINGFollowing are some of the reasons I chose the Master of Professional Accounting as a Post graduate degree out of many options.Subjects offered in Master of Professional Accounting are more practical: I was pursuing higher secondary education which offered theoretical knowledge about how to operate a business and I wanted to learn about the analytical and technical part in business and with my thorough research, I found out that units in Accounting provided both analytical, technical skills and helped in professional development.

Great career opportunity: Not only banks but other organizations also require accountants and with the increase in new ventures, the demand for accountants is escalating both in Australia and other parts of the world so I thought it was a great a step towards the career ladder.Wanted professional skills in accounting: I had basic knowledge about the basic accounting but I wanted professional skills in accounting and able to compete in the competitive job market.

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Ranjana_Sop Essay
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Therefore, I thought Master of Professional Accounting is the best course to choose from.Pay rate is high as an Accountant: The world is full of competition and one need to consider pay rate while choosing a path to a career and accountants are paid a high salary.Adopting the advancement of technology: The normal debit and credit have been replaced by new technology and I wanted something that would teach us how to be competitive in this technological world and as my answer to this question the Accounting course provides hands-on knowledge about MYOB and Xero which are the famous accounting services in the world.Internationally recognized degree: Travelling is one of my hobbies and I want to be able to get jobs even if I travel to other parts of the world and since Accounting is an internationally recognized degree it will also help me get a job in the international arena.In CQU, Master of Professional Accounting is a 2 year full time course which delivers accredited courses to graduate students in the key areas of accounting. It includes subjects such as Accounting in Australia, Company Accounting, and Economics for Managers Etc. Besides, Australian MPA is internationally recognized degree in Accounting and after MPA, job prospects are very high and it’s also one of the highly regarded professions.Course StructureCore Units- 14Major Units- NoneElective- 2 Minor Units- NoneREASON TO CHOOSE CENTRAL QUEENSLAND UNIVERSITY (CQU)After doing a lot of research through online and other ways I came to know about some universities that offer the course that I am intended to learn about such as Federation University, Southern Cross University, Western Sydney University. The fee structure of all these universities is higher than that of CQU with an annual fee i.e.University of Wollongong (UOW) ( ), $AU 58,863 Monash University,( $AU 90,640,Macquarie University, ( $AU 61,504University of Melbourne, ( $AU 86,789Central Queensland University, ( AU$58178.00CQU has also offered 20% scholarship which has made it more affordable. So, comparing all these universities, I found that CQU is best among all of them in every sector and I have identified CQU as an institution whose values align with mine.CQ University originally began as the Queensland Institute of Technology in 1967. It was granted full University status in 1992 and was named the University of Central Queensland in 1994. By 2006, the university was operating its four Australian International Campuses at Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, and Melbourne. The University restructured its international activities in the period 2006 to 2009 and rebranded its image in 2008, changing its brand from Central Queensland University to CQ University.CQ University is for the first time recognized among the world’s top educational institutions by the international QS World University Rankings system. CQ University ranks among the world’s top 600 universities according to the prestigious and trusted Times Higher Education World University Rankings (2017″2018).CQ University now has more than 30,000 students spread across 24 campuses and locations Australia-wide and is regarded within the sector as Australia’s most inclusive and engaged university. It has firmly established itself as one of the largest universities based in regional Australia, with campuses in Adelaide, Brisbane, Bundaberg, Cairns, Emerald, Gladstone, Mackay, Melbourne, Noosa, Perth, Rockhampton, Sydney, and Townsville.CQ University is committed to student success because this ultimately defines the success of the University. CQ University offers several support services, activities and programs to bring about successful student outcomes and ensure their students have the best experience possible during their study journey. CQ University provides the student with a variety of service that assists and help the student to achieve their intended goals through different student support facilities relating to counseling, proper guidance, different student mentors’ programs, financial assistance, and scholarships. CQ University also pays special attention to student’s health and welfare along with a range of facilities to a student with a disability.CQ University provides a wide range of learning support to its students. The Academic Learning Centre gives academic advice and guidance to assist in becoming confident and independent learners. ALC provides the students with different facilities relating to, Academic Communication, Computing, Mathematics and Statistics through on-campus workshops, personalized online services and one to one meeting. It expects to enhance the knowledge, skills, and abilities of its students and make them realize about their potential rather than expecting every student to become a so-called successful. The university has a huge student success rate likewise it has always supported students even overseas to be capable enough to lead and progress. Graduates from CQ University also have some of the best employment outcomes indicating that there is full-time employment 80.4 percent of the students according to the data released by Graduates Careers Australia. The data released by Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching (QILT) also proves that CQ University is best among so many universities of Australia in terms of study support employment and salary outcomes of graduate students.Combination of all these elements- highly experienced faculty, leading-edge course structure, advanced research facility, global outreach, inclusiveness, engagement and plenty of options that cater to students’ interests and experiences, has led me to apply for the Master of Professional Accounting at CQ University.CAREER PLANAfter completion of my study, I will be returning to my home country and working in the potential fields of employment. MPA leads me to a top-notch career in my life. I shall also gain relevant practical experience and skills in order to perfectly implement my education into effect. I would like to work in the potential fields of employment including Bank, project management, and data analyst and business analysis. Master in Accounting opens doors for me to work in senior management roles and I can build myself a top-notch career. I shall also gain relevant practical experience and skills in order to perfectly implement my education into effect. I intend to apply for potential employment profiles of an accountant financial manager, auditing manager, financial analyst, legal financial adviser in a different organization like Chaudhary Group, Unilever, Surya Nepal Pvt. Ltd, NGO’s, INGO’s and even in different banking and financial sectors such as Nabil Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Nepal Rastra Bank and so on. After completion of a master degree, I will be applying for PSW. The Post Study Work (PSW) visa allows graduates to work in Australia temporarily after they finish their studies. After the completion of the Master degree, I expect to get the PSW as it will strengthen my knowledge regarding the concerned field. It offers extended options for working in Australia to eligible graduates of a higher education degree. Students get two years of PSW visa which will help me to acquire international working experience and exposure in Australia. It will help me to implement the theoretical knowledge learned into practical experiences. It will provide real work experience as well as will give me the opportunity to enhance my skills related to accounting, organizational and management practices. In the two 2 years of PSW visa, I am planning to work in different institutions and companies as well as banking institutions namely Telstra, Woolworths, Silver young, Macquarie Bank, AMP Bank Ltd. and so on. In case if I am not able to achieve the PSW option, I have planned to return back to my own country and will execute and explore hereby with the knowledge acquired in a two-year master’s degree. After these international degree, PSW and internship opportunity I would be able to determine my capacity for post in the Nepalese corporate world. Day by day it is becoming bigger and wanted the personal like us who have knowledge of both national and international situation, me with that privilege can get various opportunity. I can be paid with NPR 60000- NPR 80000; this amount might increase with increase in my position and work load and according to the job because Nepalese companies prefer International degree, especially from Australia whereas the average salary of Nepalese degree holder ranges from 30,000 to 40,000 which is half of the average salary gained by an International degree holder.Basically, the return on investment of my education expenses is the amount of salary and the incentives. The amount of salary will help me recover a lot of expenses for my studies in Australia. Moreover, Engaging with companies will enhance my knowledge and make me financially stable which will support me to see myself as a successful entrepreneur within 5-7 years. So, even though the cost of studying is a bit higher, it will benefit and help me to outgrow my career in a lot better way leading myself towards a successful life. To conclude, I intensely believe that the unique structure and flexibility of the course will allow me to develop my capabilities in a progressive manner and expand my professional networks and real-world experience.INCENTIVE TO RETURN BACK TO MY HOME COUNTRYWell, after gaining so much knowledge on the subject and spending my valuable years, the time will arrive when I have to get back to my own land. As I am applying for a student visa in Australia, my major focus will always be on my studies. So, after completing my study there in Australia, I will be returning to my hometown as my whole family is residing here. Since my childhood, I have always thought of pursuing higher education, holding a degree, working in a successful organization and become a successful person and so are the wishes of my parents. Since we belong to a typical Nepalese family, there is always the tendency of living together and my parents have a great expectation from me. Like every child, I have a strong attachment towards my parents and I cannot even think of living apart from them.As a responsible child, I also believe that I have a responsibility to take care of all the assets and properties including our house and the lands. As my parents are growing older, they won’t be able to handle all the financials, so I have to be the pillar of my parents in their old age and take care of them by taking all the burden off their back and let them live a peaceful life. My parents have always encouraged and inspired me to be a better person and have always been there throughout my studies. So, it’s my turn to give them back all the happiness they deserve and I believe that I have a lot of responsibility towards them.

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