Questions and Answers 1 Why is it important the concept of IPPMD for Essay

Questions and Answers:

1. Why is it important the concept of IPPMD for the class of Integrated Manufacturing Systems?

Integrated Product, Process and Manufacturing System Development provides us with tools and methods which are going to help us with the final project as we are intended to select, improve and integrate a thermoforming machine designing everything from scratch; First we need to do the product development, then we have to start with the process development, then we need to develop the manufacturing system and finally, we need to develop an enterprise for our product, using the IPPMD model is going to provide us with very useful tools to learn the new concepts needed and to organize the way we work so we can balance our workload and know what it’s expected for each due date.

2. How the concept of IPPMD will be useful in your career as Industrial Engineer.

IPPMD method for me is useful in all my other subjects because once you understand how it works, it allows you to develop new strategies to learn new concepts, to develop your projects and to have a more active learning during our courses.

I think that with the new technologies we are having access to, and applying methods like IPPMD we are more likely to develop new skills and achieve better goals for our professional life which is going to give us hard to beat skills when competing with other kids for a job or opening our own companies.

3. How can you get the most of the concepts that you will learn in this class as an Industrial Engineer?

I think that by balancing the theoretical and practical activities I’m most likely to take advantage of the opportunity of having this course because to first being able to know what to do, you have to be able to learn how to do it and how does it work. However, I think visual elements is always very useful as I’m a more visual person thus, I’m more prone to remember something I saw with images than something that I listened or read about it.


I like learning new concepts specially if I can apply them to other subjects and on my personal life and personal projects. I have never heard about the Integrated Product, Process and Manufacturing System Development and all the other tools needed for this model, however, I’m really looking forward to start developing this project as I think it is a great opportunity to learn how to really develop product from scratch and in the future if I want to open my very own company, I won’t have to learn this from cero since I already will have the basics to develop it and hopefully will have a very successful product.

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