Question & Answer: Ahmad Fuad, Petra holding sdn Bhd's Head of sales and marketing read the memo ha had just received…

Ahmad Fuad, Petra holding sdn Bhd’s Head of sales and marketing read the memo ha had just received from Zachry, the training manager. He thought to himself. No way I am not going to let Zachry get away with this. Last month he insisted 15 of the salespeople spend three days on a course on Quality Management I had my misgivings but I sent them anyway, on their return, they grumbled constantly about what a bore it was and their time had been wasted because the content was totally irrelevant to their jobs. Now Zachry wants another 10 participants. Well, he can just find them somewhere else! Discuss the importance of training. Explain the difference between training, education and development. Discuss steps that should be taken to organize a training programme. Identify the mistakes the Training Manager is making and suggest a better way to organize training.

Expert Answer

Importance of training:-

  • Training can provide the job satisfaction and job security. Greater the satisfaction of the employee, greater will be his morale. Employees with high morale tends to give their best performance and thus the organisation will be benefited from this.
  • A well trained employee will be well informed about his job and thus there will be less requirement of constant supervision.
  • Errors are likely to occur when the proper skills and knowledge related to job is not possessed by the employee. By providing the proper training, these skills can be developed and thus various errors and defects can be controlled.
  • Training can make the employees to improve their skills and performance and thus the organisation can face the competition and threats effectively.
  • Efficiency and productivity of employees can be improved with the help of training. Both quality and quantity performance are shown by the well trained employee.

Difference between Training, Education and Development:-

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Question & Answer: Ahmad Fuad, Petra holding sdn Bhd's Head of sales and marketing read the memo ha had just received…
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Training:- A certain skill is developed in an individual with the help of continuous practices. It can be seen as a method of skill development. It is an activity related to short term and focuses more on recent job. It aims at having a certain behavior. The main objective of training is to improve the performance and productivity.

Education:- It is a long term activity and it mainly deals with theoretical learning in the class room setting. The focus of education remains on future job. The main purpose of education is to develop a sense of reasoning and judgment. It provides the general concepts.

Development:- These activities are not confined to any job but they aim at both personal and organizational growth. Broadening the individual’s perpetual and conceptual base in the area not previously explored or experienced by the individual is the main objective of development.

Steps in organizing training program:-

  • Identifying the type of training:-The first step in organizing the training program is to identify the type of training which has to be imparted in trainee. It will include to determine the various areas where the improvements are needed. In order to avoid unfruitful trainings, it is also equally important to know what kind of training is not required.
  • Identifying goals and objectives:- By having well defined objectives and goals of training, the trainers can determine what the employees are to be trained for, how to change their behavior and hot to stop them to do something. The following questions should be answered; when the training will occur, what kind of resources will be needed? Will the training be scheduled during working hours or after ?How much time will be required for the training.
  • Conducting the training:- Experts should provide the training to the employee or trainees. There can be number of methods which can be adopted depending upon the requirement of organisation.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of training:- Once the training is finished, its impact should be analyzed on the trainee by observing the change in performance, behavior or efficiency. This will help in finding out the flaws in trainings and further improvements can be done in training process.
  • Improving the training:- If any kind of flaws or areas of improvement is found during the last step, these measures should be implemented so that the same problems do not occur again.

Mistakes during training:

  • Having the expectations that every trainee will have the same knowledge.
  • Not using the practical examples while explaining any conceptual point.
  • Lack of knowledge about the trainee’s background and knowledge level.
  • Developing the training contents without front end analysis.

The best framework of conducting the training will include to have a better understanding of knowledge and experience level of trainees. The trainers should interact individually with each trainee to have a better understating for the area of improvement and to know their knowledge and experience level. The trainers should do some ground work . They should change their training style according to the audience.


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