Question & Answer: Marriott's core values define its mission and vision. Essentials of its core values…..

Marriott’s core values define its mission and vision. Essentials of its core values are

(a) Putting people first.

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Question & Answer: Marriott's core values define its mission and vision. Essentials of its core values…..
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(b)Pursuing excellence

(c) Embracing change

(d) Acting with integrity

(e) Serving the world

For a premier organization in hospitality segment, the core values which have been integral to the organization seem to be adequate. However, we don’t find words like “customer focus” or ” customer orientation” in the values. Though these values are intended but need to be explicit among the core values. Another point missing here is cotinuous improvement to make the services and customer experience better. Though embracing change is included in the values but it amounts to change with changing customer needs, not to find our own shortcomings and correcting them. The values reflect virtues or guiding principles inherent to the organization but it does not state where it aims to take the company, like ” To be the most preferred destination for a traveller”.

Apart from this, the values define the guiding principles and ethos of organization in the most effective manner, including employee focus, excellence in service, integrity, flexibility to change and community orientation.

The top objectives the company wishes to achieve through the statement

1. To be the world’s most preferred travel company driven by excellence.

2. To be known as an ethically driven, service oriented, sustainable and community sensitive organization.

3. To be among the best places to work in hospitality and service sector.


S: How will the manager know what to do? The verb understand is not really specific

M: How will the manager measure the progress towards achieving this objective? The objective does not have any measurable item.

A: Is it an achievable objective? If it isn’t, then de-motivation creeps in.

R: Is it a realistic objective?

T: time-oriented

Expert Answer

  • The manager will only get to know what has to be done to improve the existing state of the organization only when the goals and objectives, the values defined are SPECIFIC in nature i.e. there should be no ambiguity.
  • The objectives should be measurable on some metrics that is performance should be quantifiable so that progress can be measured and corrective actions can be taken if needed. Net promoter score can be a metric on which measurement can be done and subsequent performance can be measured.
  • The objectives defined should be attainable and achievable i.e. the employees should not feel that these are unachievable objectives and should not get demotivated. Achievable objectives would motivate employees to work towards achieving the set objectives.
  • Lastly, the set objectives should not be unrealistic and a deadline should be set that should ensure that work is moving in the right direction at the right pace so that targets can be revised and re-planned to achieve the business goals.

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