Question & Answer: Lake health site analysis: look at the site and rank the the 7 c's…..

Lake health site analysis:

look at the site and rank the the 7 c’s with comments for each one.
The Seven C’s                                          look Score and Comments each 7. Those score should be ranked from 1-10.

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Question & Answer: Lake health site analysis: look at the site and rank the the 7 c's…..
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Context.  Captures the aesthetics and functional look and feel.

Content.  All digital subject matter on a website.  Includes text, video, audio and graphics as well as the message of the subject matter, including product, service, and information offerings.

Community.  Interwoven relationships built around shared interests.  Includes social media.

Customization.  A site’s ability to modify itself to –or be modified by – each user.

Communication.  The dialogue between a website and its user.  Firm to user (email notification), user to firm (customer service request) or user to user (IM).

Connection.  Defined as the network of links between the site and other sites.

Commerce.  The transactional capabilities of a site.  Registration.  Shopping Cart.  Security.  Credit Card Approval.  One-Click Shopping.  Orders through Affiliates.  Configuration Technology.  Order Tracking.  Delivery Options.

Value Proposition.  Presentation and proof of the value prop.

Navigation and Site Organization.  Can visitors find the info and functionality they need.

Product/Service Presentation.  Are products organized effectively and presented clearly? Will the presentation encourage or prevent sales?

Social Media Effectiveness. What platforms are they on? Reach (number of fans, followers, etc.). Frequency. Engagement.

How do you feel?  ___________________________________________________________________________________________________

What do you think? __________________________________________________________________________________________________

Will you act? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Expert Answer

Lake health site analysis –

  1. Context – 6. Context wise, it is fulfilling the criteria of capturing the aesthetics and functional look and feel
  2. Content. – 7 Content does capture the information, and there is a lot of information under each section for the user to understand what he wants.
  3. Community – 5 Interwoven relationships built around shared interests seem to be little low
  4. Customization – 6 A site’s ability to search a physician by each user is good.
  5. Communication – 7 The dialogue between a website and its user is very good. It has a seperate page for the user details
  6. Connection – 7 There is well defined connection between the site and other sites.
  7. Commerce – 5 There is no online shopping, but there are patient registrations with the site.

I feel, more content has to be added in the main page about the organization to attract people. The starting page is not very attractive. It should still improve on the content and context. That is the first step to attract people to more on further or navigate to other sections.

I think, the website is user friendly. Users can navigate through the website through many links. Best thing i like about this website is, there is a lot of content available in every section of the website, giving the user a fair idea of what he wants and is he searching at the right place or not.

I will act positively. A user shall get the information he/she wants. It is user friendly website which displays information pertaining to every service, and user will have the opportunity to know more about the service he needs.

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