Question: Rank the qualities you believe are most important for a leader t

Rank the qualities you believe are most important for a leader to have. Explain why and how you ranked each quality. Explain the role of ethics in leadership, include the strengths and challenges of being an ethical leader.

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Rank of qualities a leader must have:

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Question: Rank the qualities you believe are most important for a leader t
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  • Flexibility: this is the first most important quality for a leader because any business or organization is uncertain & nothing goes as planned. There can be entry of new competitors, new government regulations, any natural disasters or events, any strikes or knockouts by the employees etc. the leader must be flexible enough to make sure that his business will survive & he can find a new way to reach the path of success.
  • Communication: this comes in the second place because communication plays an important role for the leader. He must keep communicating with his team on what is happening n the organization, share his thoughts with the employees, expressing their strengths & personal character in his communication & empowering the employee who is working for the goals of the company.
  • Courage & patience: the leader must have the courage to stand alone, & also have the patience to fight against others in order to succeed. Sometimes everything must be done simultaneously in order to be a true & successful leader.
  • Humility & presence: Acting aloof, or above your employees, does not make a leader. Leaders have to be able to talk and listen to their employees on all levels of the company. At the same time, they must have the respect of their employees, the kind of respect that’s earned by being honest, having integrity, and being tough but fair.
  • Responsibility: this comes only last because if anything happens, the owner or the leader would be the person to accept the blame. But when there are also accolades that are appropriate it should spread among the employees & if this happens a leader is born again.

Role of ethics in leadership:

Ethical leadership is having understanding of the right values or having a strong character. The role of ethics is very much important in leadership because ethical leader not only has the value & determination to succeed but also a framework that others can follow & benefit. Ethical leadership is striving for the same goal & embodying the same purpose, values & vision.

An ethical leader forsakes personal success so that they can drive and inspire others to achieve a shared vision, dream and goal. A leader who has high moral values leads by identifying levers such as a shared incentive that motivates all to work together and the development of loyalty. In this way the leader gains their success through the success of the team, and not simply through following their own ego.

Strengths of ethical leadership:

  • Following an ethical leadership ensures that we are legal in whatever we are doing which can help in a safe environment at the maximum possibility.
  • It creates a healthier & more positive work culture because everyone knows that they would be treated fairly.
  • Ethical leadership helps in doing things that doesn’t harm or affect anyone & is only beneficial to others.
  • With ethical leadership problems tend to get solved quickly as the employees may have the confidence to discuss with the leader.
  • The workplace seems to be consistent as the leaders would act by exceeding the expectations that are built on them.
  • Ethical leaders also take responsibility in whatever they do as they consider their position very seriously.


  • It requires support from everyone especially within the executive team.
  • It is also expensive for the organization because they must develop a compliance program that meets the vision & mission.
  • It is necessary for an ethical leader to be consistent in whatever he is doing.
  • Ethical leader must always have the ability to influence his team by his actions which is not easy for everyone.

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