Question no 1Soft foundations have a great impact on the stability of Essay

Question no. 1:

Soft foundations have a great impact on the stability of any structure so there must be a proper consideration of this issue along with the necessary safety and precautionary measures to deal with it. In this paper the advancements in the curing of soft soil foundations with the qualities of silt around the sea shores is brought into the spotlight. This paper aims to bring the new soft foundation betterment technology developments, aided by the findings of the characteristics of the tidal silt of China, in collaboration with the reinforcement methodology in the scope of practical world of engineering.

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Question no 1Soft foundations have a great impact on the stability of Essay
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Question no 2:

In China, Soft/deep soil foundation construction is very common and this is very difficult to lay a healthy foundation with up to 60m depth because there a lot of rivers and lakes in China those influence the presence of soft soil on a great proportion. The costal areas face the land scarcity as they have very thick population, so for the economical betterment the construction is a dire need.

But the issue is that the mud around the shores has a very low bearing capability as it shows heavy compression and it has also gone through the process of consolidation under its own weight. So, for good development in their region, effective and long-lasting construction is a dire need.

Question no. 3:

In drainage consolidation technique, although it is well developed but also takes a lot of time. So, for a good construction there must be given a long time before putting load to the deep soft soil foundations. The cement mixing pile method is although less time taking but it is very hard to maintain the suitable environment for construction by such method. It also involves the mixing of greater cement-soft soil quantity which reduces the quality factor. CFG and LC pile method has an issue that in vibrosinking the pile tilts or even gets broken. This method can also have a great impact on near by houses and the road bed can also be highly effected.

Question no. 4:

The author provides a solution by modifying the conventional drainage consolidation technique and the cement soil mix-up mode of construction.

Question no. 5:

The research was done by firstly having a close look to the methods being used in road constructions involving soft soil as a subgrade. Those methods were comprehensively studied to know where they face issues in practical construction and what is their course of action.

Then 2 solutions were provided taking the properties of soil/silt beneath the bed. One of the important solutions involves a finding that the use of precast concrete (reinforced) pile acts as a vertical reinforcement and helps to fast the drainage process, in drainage consolidation, to a considerably significant time. Whereas, adding HAS soil strengthening agent gives an early strength and water resistance along the repulsion to corrosion. It also reduces the cost and gives the reliable foundation in soft-soils.

In future, I may have to work somewhere, like on the coastal areas coming into utilization by the CPEC where there’s a road or any other construction has to be done by the sea shore and has a soft soil in lower strata. As a structural engineer I need to know the different conventional and improved methods to deal with such sort of situations.

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