Question: History [ Choose ] Spanish colonial rule …


[ Choose ]            Spanish colonial rule            Starving Time            King Philip’s War            Dominion of New England            Navigation Acts            Glorious Revolution 1688            Puritan Synod of 1662            Salem Witchcraft Trials      

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Question: History [ Choose ] Spanish colonial rule …
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In the late 1690s it was caused by the uncertainty of the times, often women were accused of this crime, and the hysteria in part could have been caused by the consumption of ergot

After this conflict with the natives in New England, laws were passed in the Massachusetts General Court to force especially young people to stop swearing, pub hopping, wearing clothes above their station, and other sinful ways in the hopes of regaining God’s favor

The winter of 1609 to 1610 after Captain John Smith had been relieved as head of the colony

Led to colonial overthrow of crown appointed governors in the following year because there was fear of a Catholic conspiracy after England’s last Catholic monarch was overthrown.

      The English government’s attempt to tax trade and force the American colonists to trade with the mother country

“If death came from Madrid we should all live to a very old age.”

Hated by the population of New England because it put the region under the control of the crown and gave the governor Sir Edmund Andros near absolute power

Resolved the crisis between New Lights and Old Lights with a profession of faith and allowed the New Lights to become full congregational members and to have their children baptized.

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