Question & Answer: XSS” attack. The most important functions in HTTP are what? What do they do?…..

XSS” attack. The most important functions in HTTP are what? What do they do?

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Hyper Text transfer protocal is designed to handle the hyper text/content which is nothing but language of tags. This language is used in the client server model. The client sends requests to server and the server send response to the client.

1. GET
The GET method requests a representation of the specified resource. Requests using GET should only retrieve data and should have no other effect.
The HEAD method asks for a response identical to that of a GET request, but without the response body. This is useful for retrieving meta-information written in response headers, without having to transport the entire content.
The POST method requests that the server accept the entity enclosed in the request as a new subordinate of the web resource identified by the URI.This method is used to submit the form data to the server.
4. PUT
The PUT method requests that the enclosed entity be stored under the supplied URI. If the URI refers to an already existing resource, it is modified; if the URI does not point to an existing resource, then the server can create the resource with that URI.
The DELETE method deletes the specified resource.
The TRACE method echoes the received request so that a client can see what (if any) changes or additions have been made by intermediate servers.
The OPTIONS method returns the HTTP methods that the server supports for the specified URL. This can be used to check the functionality of a web server by requesting ‘*’ instead of a specific resource.

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