Question & Answer: Write a Swot analysis about Alibaba Group. 3-4 paragraphs…..

Write a Swot analysis about Alibaba Group. 3-4 paragraphs

Expert Answer

Alibaba is one of the big brand in China and the company looking to expand it’s market in other countries.Jac ma is the founder of Alibaba group and this group has very strong hold in China.

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Question & Answer: Write a Swot analysis about Alibaba Group. 3-4 paragraphs…..
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Strengths of Alibaba group in Swot analysis

Market presence- Alibaba group has almost 58 % market share in China .Company has strong backup of manufacturer and suppliers.Alibaba is a well-known brand in Chinese market because of its strong commitment level of company for its consumers.

Visionary- Jac Ma has a great visionary man and company growing by his visionary practices.Comapny has good brand value in world market also .

Large scale of operation- Company working in very large scale ,China has highest population in the world . Company is doing Operation on large scale due to large population of china .

Relationship-Company has very strong relationship with its suppliers, manufacturer and other those are involve with company operaton through direct or indirect way.

Weaknesses of Alibaba group in Swot analysis

High discount structure – High discount is one of the big weekness of company because by doing this suppliers and manufacturer are getting discomfort in the matter of profit .Allibaba offering high level of discount in market and sellers are not free to sell its products on profitable rates.

Large numbers of sellers- Company has very large number of seller on its portal,there is no limitation for seller while registering that created a huge competition . Buyer’s have advantage for such situation but not for long time,price competition always creats confusion among the buyers .

Opportunities of Allibaba in Swot analysis

Increasing E-commerce – As in world market E-commerce business growing day by day ,Allibaba group has major opportunities in world market .Company has strong suppliers , manufacturer and well-known brand ,that will help the company to grow in world market.

Experience in Chinese market- Company has great experience of E-commerce business in china .Company is serving a large number of buyers in Chinese market as world market to.

Threats of Allibaba group in Swot analysis

Amazon , Flipkart and snapdeal in India- Company looking to enter in world market and targeting for business expansion country like india ,In india Amazon , Flipkart and snapdeal already working very good.Allibaba group will get very high level of competition with other E-commerce companies.

Rising competition in world Market- In world market there are so many E-commerce companies are working but mainly ebay and Amazon are major competitor for Allibaba group.

Decreasing profit level- In E-commerce business day by day profits are decreasing and that will be a major threat for Allibaba group.

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