Question & Answer: why non profit companies make a huge difference in soceity…

why nonprofit companies make a huge difference in soceity

Expert Answer

In order to understand how Non profit companies make a huge difference, we need to know what a non profit company is and what they do.

A non profit company is an organisation which works on the purpose of making something other than profit. they are often dedicated to a particular social cause or they advocate a particluar point of view. Many companies use the Double Bottom Line model in order to prove that their motive or goal is more important than gaining profit. Unike For-profit companies, the profit gained by non-profit companies do not go to the shareholders. They would be used for reasonable salaries, expenses and then the rest of the money would be used up for the cause that they are working on. As a result, non profit companies enjoy the tax benefits that the for-profit companies cannot have.

WIth correct approach, commitment, knowledge and application of proper skills, a non profit company can make a huge impact on the community/soceity.

they show the world, that only gainnig profit need not be the only aim. working for a social cause along with gaining profit is also possible.

The reason why non profit companies make a huge difference is that they work in order to be a force for good. they work outside their bounderies in order to acheieve their primary goal.

They depict the power to leverage a change in the society. In business, it would mean to use a small propotional investment and reap a high returns, which is a smart move along bybenefiting the community.

these companies have showed that you can do good while doing well. that means , we can change a significant part of the soceity while making profits good enough for the sustaining of the company. They inspire humanity to do more good.

The best reason why non profit companies make a huge difference in the scoeity is that they embody the nation’s spirit and values. they try to make the nation a better place to live by earning profits for themselves in the process. they help millions of people and their families daily. they help protect, shelter, educate, heal and nurture the spirits and dreams of many individuals.

they promote the beliefs of democarcy, leadership and provide encouragement for tax payment. theyrespond to common citizens in time of trouble and help stimulate the economy.

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