Question & Answer: Why is it often difficult for a firm to match its strategy to HR deliverables?…

Why is it often difficult for a firm to match its strategy to HR deliverables?

Expert Answer

HR deliverables can be mostly in qualitative aspects not in financial terms. Thus deliverables majorly in the form of employee utilisation, retention, return on asset evalutation, enhancing knowledge and job enrichment, compentancy mapping, expansion capability, compensation policies, recruitement efficiency etc.

Challenges involved in HR strategy deliverables are mostly due to changing perspective and organisational requirement, employee attrition, lack of budget realisation, quality drop ,lack of proper employee commitment. Thus people management factors have huge influence on HR deliverables.Employee actual work proposition will hit HR deliverables and their lack of interest on work will results in dissatisfaction. Thus chances of mismatches are very high. Thus HR delverables are interlinked or depend on other domain areas of organisation. Companys sales or business revenue may impact HR output badly.Thus matching requirement and delievarables become more difficult due to lack of transperancy and inter dependancy. Quality aspects in HR startegy is difficult to evalute in certain grounds due to changing framework and requirement.

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