Question & Answer: What is the product assigned to you where you are currently having a research?…..

What is the product assigned to you where you are currently having a research? Based from it, establish your null and alternative hypotheses. What is the appropriate hypothesis test you are to use if you would like to determine in your deduction is acceptable or not. Prove your point. One the purposes of marketing research is to determine the product demand. What are the different kinds of marketing research used based on its purpose? Briefly make a differentiation of them. Assuming you were able to get a total population and you want to establish a homogenous response what specifically will you do? Provide the different sampling methods used to come up with the population representation having a big population and to a very small population. After being able to acquire all the data needed, how will you present your report so that the recipient of your research will fully understood what you would like to drive at? In conceptualizing your questionnaires regardless it is an interview or a self-administered questionnaires, what are the donts you must remember so as not to dissuade your target respondents to response/accomplish your disseminated papers. If you want to measure a degree of response to your construct, what are the different techniques of measurements available to a researcher? Give a very specific example. You want to measure how far is your data from the mean, what are the two prominent measures you may use? Elaborate how you will apply them. Upon securing your raw data, how will you organize it into a useful research? What is the meaning of variables? How are they classified? Differentiate Univariate and Bivariate in hypothesis testing. What is marketing research? Its uses, and contribution.

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Ans. 1: The product on which the research is being conducted is Soft Drinks.

Null Hypothesis: Cold drinks are not good for health and causes health problems if consumed for a long time.

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Question & Answer: What is the product assigned to you where you are currently having a research?…..
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Alternate Hypothesis: Cold drinks do not affect our health negatively and is healthy to consume.

  • I would be conducting a live research on a sample size of different ages and they will be made to drink soft drinks for a specified period of time and then various medical tests would prove my either null or alternate hypothesis.
  • People of different ages would be tested on so that a holistic view of the research can be obtained.

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