Question & Answer: What is the difference in a business specification and a program specification?…..

What is the difference in a business specification and a program specification?

Expert Answer


BUsiness Specification: Business Specification contains the basic requirements of customer that are to be developed as software, project cost, schedule, target dates.It describes what the required business achievements should be and means to measure the quality of those achievements. It typcially expresses the broad outcomes the business requires rather than specific functions the system may perform. Specific design elements are usually outside the scope of this document.

Program Specification : Program specification can be referred as “What software is expected to do” . It is kind of blue print document regarding the software. It is often referred as parent document of project management document such as design specifications,statmnets of works ,software architecture specifications, testing and validation plans and documentation plans.The basic issues of Program Specification is what is the functionality(what is the s/w supposed to do)what are the external interfaces (how does the software interact with the user, other hardware, and other system software)performance(What is the speed of application ,recovery time ,response time, availability of various software functions)attributes(what is the portability, security, correctness etc )design constraints (OS environments.implemnation of languages, database integrity and resource limits)

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