Question & Answer: What is product design and process selection?…..

What is product design and process selection?

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Product design can be defined as a series of functions with which an arrangement is made to create a functional instrument or to produce a final product which is ready to sell in the market.
Product designing is basically consists of many processes. It plays an important role wall designing new products as well as improving the old products for the need of the market. Indian find the raw material to be used also determine the tolerances as well as appearance of the product.
For an organisation product design is very essential process .with proper product design and Organisation can easily gain a competitive edge over other competitors and can make an identity in the market very quickly.

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Question & Answer: What is product design and process selection?…..
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Some processes which are involved in product design are as follows

  • Ideation

Any product in the market is a result of an idea. The product design process starts with an idea or the improvising the preexisting product all service. Without proper Idea product cannot be designed hence this is one of the most essential parts in product design.

  • Writing and structuring

Writing down the idea and then later structuring it for making it in the real world is also one of the essential processes of product design. By writing down the idea is finalized and the steps are also decided.

Prototyping and testing

Prototyping is done to test the product before sending it to the market to obtain any kind of possible error any product or for further improvements. Buy prototype making a product which was on paper is created in real life and analysed and tested with different testing methods.

Product selection can be defined as a process in which the production of goods or the services is organised.
A product selection is basically consists of the following things.

  • Capacity planning

Capacity planning can be defined as a process of determining the overall production capacity which is needed by an specific organisation to meet the exact demand of its products. Design capacity is the maximum amount of the load an organisation can bear in a given time .

  • Facility layout

Facility layout is used to arrange the sequences in a facility to organise and maximize the processes towards the operational goal that increases the overall product efficiency and productivity of the organisation.

  • Equipments and design of work systems.

Equipments required by the company as well as the jobs of workers compensation job designers and other employees duties are responsibilities of design work. The help of design of work systems we can easily manage the resources in our company as well as the equipment. The resources which are used in production are also a part of the design work systems.

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