Question & Answer: What is open coding,axial coding,selective coding?…..

What is open coding,axial coding,selective coding?

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Question & Answer: What is open coding,axial coding,selective coding?…..
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open coding:

One of the processes of analyzing textual content is Open CodingOpen Coding includes labeling concepts, defining and developing categories based on their properties and dimensions. It is used to analyze qualitative data and part of many Qualitative Data Analysis methodologies like Grounded Theory.

Open coding Basically, you read through your data several times and then start to create tentative labels for chunks of data that summarize what you see happening (not based on existing theory – just based on the meaning that emerges from the data). Record examples of participants’ words and establish properties of each code .

Open coding is the part of the analysis concerned with identifying, naming, categorizing and describing phenomena found in the text. Essentially, each line, sentence, paragraph etc. is read in search of the answer to the repeated question “what is this about? What is being referenced here?”

These labels refer to things like hospitals, information gathering, friendship, social loss, etc

axial coding:

Axial coding is the disaggregation of core themes during qualitative data analysis.Axial coding in Grounded Theory is the process of relating codes (categories and concepts) to each other, via a combination of inductive and deductive thinking.

Axial coding consists of identifying relationships among the open codes. What are the connections among the codes.?

Axial coding is the process of relating codes (categories and properties) to each other, via a combination of inductive and deductive thinking. To simplify this process, rather than look for any and all kind of relations, grounded theorists emphasize causal relationships, and fit things into a basic frame of generic relationships.

selective coding:

Selective coding is the process of choosing one category to be the core category, and relating all other categories to that category. The essential idea is to develop a single storyline around which all everything else is draped. There is a belief that such a core concept always exists.

SELECTIVE CODING is the process of selecting the core (or main) category, and then systematically relating it to the other categories.

Selective coding refers to the final stage of data analysis to be completed after core concepts emerging from the coded data categories and subcategories have been identified through open and/or axial coding. During selective coding, previously identifid.

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