Question & Answer: What does unionization look like in health care?…

What does unionization look like in health care?

Expert Answer

The healthcare sector is labor intensive and the unionization in health care has been increased in U.S. from past few years. The average increase in union membership in health care sector is more in comparison of overall growth of unions in the country. More unionizations means more bargaining power for the health care workers on the wages, bonus, benefits and working conditions in the industry. But the high cost of health care is already a major concern for the country and policy makers are working towards affordable healthcare. The job security and better working conditions of the healthcare workers without increase in overall cost of healthcare is a major challenge. There is an increase in strikes and lockouts from the healthcare workers which have increased the tremendous pressure on the owners of health care facilities and policy makers of this most sensitive industry. The coordination of all the partners of this sector and concern for the end consumers are very important for the healthcare sector.

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Question & Answer: What does unionization look like in health care?…
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