Question & Answer: What are the trends , threat and opportunity of amazon .com​​…..

Expert Answer

Some of the trends of are :

1.Amazon home services : It is a simple way to schedule or buy local professional services.   The professional service providers that amazon selects are capable enough and a]one can be sure enough to get satisfactory service or money back

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Question & Answer: What are the trends , threat and opportunity of amazon .com​​…..
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2. Amazon Go : this service enables the customers to go to the shop, pick up whatever they want and just walk out of the shop without having to stand in the queue for check out. The customer just need to have the amazon go app and an amazon account.

3. Amazon echo : Amazon echo is a smart speaker that understands thousands of spoken commands and make it easy to ask buy stuff from amazon itself

Some of the threats of are :

  1. Low entry barriers : As there are less number of entry barriers more and more compay’s enter the market which increases the competition and questions the sustainability of the existing players.
  2. Local competition : In a country like india where there are local competitors in the field of ecommerce like flipkart and snapdeal, majority of the market are taken by them only.

Some of the opportunity of are :

  1. Global expansion: Amazon has the opportunity to expand business in Asian and developing countries where the competition in the field of ecommerce is less.
  2. Acquisitions : By acquiring other e-commerce companies amazon can use the specialized capacity of other companies.
  3. In house brands : Amazon can come up with its own brand in different product categories

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