Question & Answer: What are the major arguments against and for the formation of labor unions?…..

What are the major arguments against and for the formation of labor unions? If you have the choice to join a union or not, at your work place, would you join the union or not and why.

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Labor Unions, were a part of the era of industrial revolution. The labor unions were formed to protect workers, and organized staff from getting exploited. The exploitation could be in many ways.

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Question & Answer: What are the major arguments against and for the formation of labor unions?…..
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1. Making workers work for longer hours than the norm

2. Paying workers less salary. Paying workers minimum wages.

The pros and cons of labor unions are as follows:

Negotiation on salaries As shared by the workers of Boeing, the union workers can negotiate on salary. The raise could be collectively bargained. There could be a group voice, looking at striking a perfect bargain. The issue could be that the salary would be uniform across the union. So a smart, clever worker would get in the same pay, as another worker for the same set of work that is set out to do.
Job Protection There could be contracts drawn that could help negotiate the power of the union. Unions could really protect workers from losing their jobs. Most union leaders would take care of the job status, and an arbitrator could take decisions. Individual identities of people would not be maintained in the jobs.
Better Benefits An example of Boeing, wherein they tried to negotiate extra benefits Be part of the bargaining, and strikes. It could be a stressful event.
Workplace rules Unions can make a workplace feel safe. Workplace would be better protected, and there would be reasons to see how unions can feel excited about the workplace. Union projects can be an effective tool to make a workplace harmonious. Also unions can protect the disadvantaged from feeling abused. Workers would have to show that they are in a state of disadvantage to get heard. The unions help workers get protected from any non-labour union work.Also unions can be a disadvantage for the company. It can be a problem if workers compensate for maternity leave. There could be a disadvantage for workers.
Time management versus Bias On a positive note, there is a lot of bias that can be removed if there are unions that manage workers. The bias could be removed if a group works on a business/agenda. The time delay is huge as employers have to really wait for many months to finally fire an employee. The group politics does influence the work. Time management verus individual bias.

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