Question & Answer: What are the key characteristics of the social model?…..

What are the key characteristics of the social model?

Explain the differences between validity and reliability?

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Question & Answer: What are the key characteristics of the social model?…..
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In what ways might you write or develop objectives to minimize underinclusion or overinclusion?

What is the difference between process and effect objectives?

For effect objectives at each level of the pyramid, what sources of data might be commonly used for establishing targets?

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Answer The main focus of social model remains on the changes which are required in any society. It has the below mentioned elements- Attitude- t brings a more favourable attitude towards specific mental characteristics or behaviours or giving due important to the probable life quality of those individuals who are impairments Social support, It mainly deals with handling barriers, resources, aids or positive . discrimination for overcoming them Information, implementing the correct formats or levels or coverage . Physical structures,, or .Flexible work hours for people Answer- When themeasurements or the results are consistent, it will indicate reliability Itindicates that if a certain instrument is used for testing and the results obtained from the subsequent tests are same, it will indicate reliability. On the other hand, validity is more focused on the extent to which the results are strong. Validity has more analysis just to know how valid a thing is Answer:- Underinclusion happens when a few members of a target audience do not obtain the program. Overinclusion is when some members in the program are not part of the target audience. According to Issel, there are numerous steps that can be taken to help minimize overinclusion or underinclusion. First, developing the process theory, in terms of stipulating how those needing the program can get into the program. Second, have a solid, marketing plan, that is another component in the services utilization plan (Issel, 2014, p. 266). Once finding the target audience, a need to screen both extremely sensitive and precise can minimize both overinclusion and underinclusion. Answer The main focus of process objectives remains on the evaluation of the process on the other hand a more focused and reasonable statement about the desired long-term impact of the program is termed as effect objectives

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