Question & Answer: What are the common mistakes of new managers? Good management has been…..

What are the common mistakes of new managers? Good management has been thoroughly studied, and is widely understood, but it is still more honored in its breach than in its practice. Most new managers, in particular, get it wrong. Name five mistakes that a new general manager can make when running a business for the firs time? as part of this assignment, you must propose a way to fix the mistake. For example if you listed Micromanagement is a common mistake made by inexperienced managers, you should propose a way a manager can use to avoid that.

Must address at least 5 points.

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Question & Answer: What are the common mistakes of new managers? Good management has been…..
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Expert Answer

Five common mistakes by a new manager are as follows:
1.   Less attention to goals, more attention to details
2.   Tendency to do it yourself rather delegation of work to suitable resources
3.   Dilemma in decision making
4.   Not implementing his own ideas and following other managers
5.   Sluggish approach towards rewards and discipline
A new manager should know that each task and group of task have a goal to achieve. Hence, the manager should ask the team regarding the goal that is to be achieved. If the goals are not achieved, he should review and monitor the process being followed by the team and take necessary action to put the team to work that can achieve the goals.
A manager’s role is the efficient allocation of resources and get the job done by the people assigned to him. Hence, he should work upon the planning and resource utilization, motivation and new ways to get the work done. Every time, he should not try to do it himself. It will bring laid back approach among the subordinate.
A manager should take quick decision on the basis of rationality and logic. Some of the decision may be wrong, but it is important to take decisions. Not taking a decision will cause more harm than the good.
A manager should slowly and progressively apply his own methods, ideas to bring a positive change. It should be based upon the sensible selection of an area of focus, upon that the new ideas are applied. It will create the followers for the manager.
A manager should reward employees for good work as well as he should discipline them for poor work and indiscipline. It should happen assertively and employees will take notice of it. It should happen from day one. As a result, good performance will be encouraged and poor work will be avoided by the employees.

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