Question & Answer: What are 3 things you have learned about cutural differences that helps to make…..

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Cultural differences are apart of each and every country which makes them different. As a global geographical location changes their culture and tradition also changes which affects the overall difference is from one to another.

The main three things which differentiate two countries regarding the cultural differences are as follows.

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Question & Answer: What are 3 things you have learned about cutural differences that helps to make…..
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  • Traditions

Different countries have different traditions as well as their basic requirements are different. As each country have their own traditions or can have multiple tradition system. These traditions have their own teaching and have their own impact on the society.
Traditional plays an important role in differentiation of human as edition can be different from country to country and traditional differences creates a diverse environment between two countries.

  • Socio economic conditions

Social economical conditions differ from one country to another. In some countries this specific factor is rated very high and in some countries these factors are not even considered. This specific social economical differences create a difference between two countries and they also a very major reason for countries to be different based on their culture and their overall environment.

  • Stereotypes

Different stereotypes cultures and traditions are in every country. Stereotyping creates a barrier between two different cultures hence it plays an important role between two countries for being different. Different countries has different stereotype standards which makes them unique and becomes a reason for a cultural difference between two countries.

Be specific differences are somehow good for the world because creating a diverse culture is better than having a monotonous culture.
These cultures create differences between two countries which increases the overall competition between the countries resulting the enhance productivity as well as new innovations. By having different thoughts over different cultures we can easily gather around and learn about the cultural diversity to be produced in a workplace or an organisation.

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