Question & Answer: Week 6 Discussion: What to do when budget cutting threatens training? (Chapter 9, p. 300)…..

Week 6 Discussion: What to do when budget cutting threatens training? (Chapter 9, p. 300)

Budgets in Healthcare are getting tighter every day. Top management can verbally support training and its importance, yet when budget trimming becomes necessary, turn around and reduce or eliminate training funds.

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Question & Answer: Week 6 Discussion: What to do when budget cutting threatens training? (Chapter 9, p. 300)…..
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Also, many leaders tend to view all expenditures in terms of costs versus benefits; education comes up short in their eyes by very nearly defying cost-benefit analysis.

Respond to the following:

  • Explain why this fundamental contradiction exists, and describe which arguments you might use in defense of your education budget.
  • Explain why continuing education might be especially important in health care.
  • Develop an argument for keeping as much of your education budget as possible.
  • Describe how you would go about attempting to measure the results of education and development. Pleasw read and answer thank you

Expert Answer


1. Education is very necessary for the growth of a person and for the all round development of himself and society.

But there are fundamental contradictions exist ie although the top management verbally supports education training but as soon as the budget is thought about the amount is not allotted for it. This fundamental contradiction exists because the management is unable to understand the long term benefits of the education. Also, they are only looking at the short term losses due to education.

But I would like to defend it by saying that proper education training is requuired not only for the growth of individual but also for the development of the company as a whole.

2.Contuining education in health care is very important because only when people are aware of good health conditions and how to maintain good health only then the individual, company and the nation can prosper.

3. Education budget is must for the nation to grow with a high growth rate. An economy with handicapped people cant grow well. So, once the people are educated regarding maintenance of good health, they will go further and train other people too regarding the healthy habits to others and in this way the whole organisation will get benefited with less cost. Thus, seeing at the long term multiplication of profits, it is very important to allocate amount to education budget.

4. Measuring the results of education and development –

By checking that the error rate of the process of the company. If the error rate has come down then it is very advantageous to the company.

Similarly, one more measure is that if people are healthy, then the number of sick leaves will be reduced. Thus, tracking the sick leaves record will prove as a great measure for the result of education.

If less sick leaves, then more productive activity and this will lead to more profits and finally the development of the company.

Thus, looking at all this allocating budget for education training is a win win situation for both the employees as well as the company.

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