Question & Answer: Visit the and the websites and study their features, prices,…..

Visit the and the websites and study their features, prices, ease of navigation, user friendliness, and general layout.

Expert Answer

The home page of the website is very simple and provides an intuitive experience. By providing easily accessible home page with directly redirect You to the selection of hotels, cars, flight, packages time even the cruises. The best feature of the site is there one page information system in each and every section. Buy easily implementing the one page navigation system the company’s navigation is readily improved and very good.
Companies best feature is the best guaranteed price then its competitors. Giving huge discount to the customers is also one of the major benefits which is done by the company. Inter website design is very user friendly and easy to navigate from one to another section.
Colour combination and tab location are very good. Overall layout design in very simple which makes it more easy to understand as well as to work on.
Companies pricing has been very less as compared to other competitors, the website is focused on creating a customer value between the businesses and customer. provides a very similar fees structure but with more information as well as more tabs and buttons in its default page. Companies overall design is a bit jittery and provide more information is less space which creates a bit of suffocation in the layout. Companies pricing is also very aggressive but as compared to, company has not decrease their prices as much as the Company focus on the local festivals as well as providing discount on the hotels on the very homepage.
Websites overall structure is not so easy to use. hovering around the different sections good bit jittery and can provide some unstable performance as well. Larger number of available options make it more confusing for the customer to choose the right one for him.
Companies cost strategy have always been running less towards the increasing profit but to increase the customer relationship between company and customers to serve better. general layout is very intuitive and a bit less user-friendly as the backgrounds are very distracting and provide I use a distraction for the visitors.

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