Question & Answer: Transformational Leadership Plan. 3 -5 bullets for each trasformational area….

Transformational Leadership Plan. 3 -5 bullets for each trasformational area.

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Transformational leaders do not take any direct decision for the strategic path single handed rather they like to drive that out of a series of interaction between the team members or the stakeholders in the related context. For leading to a successful transformational leadership plan, the attributes to transformational leaderships must be made clear first. They are given by Harris, 1985 as Future-oriented, Open-minded, Dynamic, and Concerned about planning. Transformational leadership has four broad elements.

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Question & Answer: Transformational Leadership Plan. 3 -5 bullets for each trasformational area….
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1. Idealized Influence

  • Leader will act as a role model to the team members
  • Leader will show his/ her willingness to take risks
  • Leader will always follow a core set of values and ethical principles
  • These steps from the leader will let the team members having trust on the leader

2. Inspirational Motivation

  • Leader will inspire the members’ confidence
  • Leader will set a clear and encouraging vision of the future
  • Leader will share expectation clearly using precision, power and a sense of authority
  • Leader will demonstrate a commitment to the goals that have been decided
  • Overall, in this area, the plan’s success will depend on the communication skill of the leadership

3. Intellectual Stimulation

  • Leader will involve the members in decision-making regarding the possible paths of achievement
  • Leader will stimulate the creativity of the members
  • Leader will encourage the members to challenge the underlying assumptions and solicits ideas without criticism
  • Leader will help members see the big picture

4. Individualized Consideration

  • Leader will determine the individual needs
  • Leader will consider the individual needs separately for the members for motivating them
  • Leader will promote coaching and mentoring of the members which will be customized based on individual requirement
  • Leader will have focus on the overall growth and development of the members

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