Question & Answer: Systems Engineering is supported by a number of systems sciences approaches whic…..

Systems Engineering is supported by a number of systems sciences approaches which add critical insight into the behavior of systems. The SE Handbook calls out the following systems science topic areas:

 Cybernetics

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Question & Answer: Systems Engineering is supported by a number of systems sciences approaches whic…..
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 Open and general systems theory

 Operations Research

 Soft Systems Thinking

 Organizational Cybernetics

 Critical Systems Thinking

 System Dynamics

Assignment: Research these topics and provide a paragraph or two summary of each discussing the evolution of the topic and speculating what knowledge and insights each might contribute towards the understanding and/or design of complex systems.

Assessment will be based on level of insight and depth provided. Please remember to cite any sources used.

The Systems Engineering Handbook can be found here,

Expert Answer


Cybernatics:It is a Transdisciplinary for approching regulatory System.This is usefull when there is circular casual relationship.Cybernatics is used to attempting basic principle like

  1. Artificial Intelligence
  2. Robotics
  3. Conversion Theory.Cybernatics does not asks what is this?It says about How it works?

Open and General System Theory:General System Theory is the thing that tries to integrate all the non Physical science.This theory greatly helps in uniting the science.General System theory mainly focuses on the Structure of the system and not on systems Function.The structural similarities or isomorphism is noted and that is mentioned in this theory.

Operation Research:

Operation Research which can be classified into the feild of the applied Mathematics.The Operation Reseach is nothing a thing of Deccision making used by the British.Operational research is an analytical thing which is used for decision Making in many feilds.

Soft System Thinking:

SST is developed as the strategy for anlazying the problem solving situations and making Improvements to the any situations.Soft System thinking mainly deals with the problem solving methodology for the system and making adorable changes to the system. This might be used in Business System.This can be done mainly based on the Systems prior knowledge.

Critical System Thinking:

CST is the done in the aim of combining the Systems Thinking and Participaotry Methods to face alll the complexity in the problem.CST mainly deals with the integration of the problems of various feild.

Systems Dyanamics:

System Dyanmics is an approach which is used to analysis and design.This is used to analyse the behaviour of Complex System using the Flows,charts,etc.

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