Question & Answer: SUPPLEMENTAL CASE: Chapter 4 Case: The Reluctant Receptionist…..


Case: The Reluctant Receptionist

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Question & Answer: SUPPLEMENTAL CASE: Chapter 4 Case: The Reluctant Receptionist…..
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Superior Products Company has recently hired a new HR assistant, Virginia Fisher, who just received a college degree. Frederick Mills, the HR Director, was extremely pleased to find someone who had some familiarity with basic management concepts because he was the entire HR department except for a clerk-typist. During the interview Frederick emphasized that he planned to have Virginia function as his assistant and that she would be doing some interviewing and be responsible for maintaining employee records. Because Superior has over 300 employees, Frederick had been too busy to prepare anything resembling a job description except for some scrawled notes on the back of an envelope.

Everything went fine for the first week for Virginia. On Monday of the second week, Frederick called Virginia into his office and explained that there was another minor duty that he had not mentioned to her. Frederick said, “In order to get approval to hire you from the president. I had to agree that whoever was hired would be the relief receptionist from 11:30 to 12:30 every day. The switchboard is usually quite busy and we wanted to be sure someone who is capable would be the backup.” Virginia was not very happy about this assignment being sprung on her, but she agreed to try it for a while.

Within two weeks she was beginning to dread having to work the switchboard an hour everyday. Also, she discovered that she was expected to be the relief if the receptionist was sick or unable to work. On Wednesday and Thursday of the third week the regular receptionist was sick and Virginia filled in for her. On Friday, Virginia told Frederick she was quitting in two weeks. When asked why, Virginia replied, “You misrepresented the job to me. You never said anything about my receptionist duties. If you had, I probably would not have taken the job.”



2.    To prevent future problems, what content should be in a job description for the HR assistant

Expert Answer

Description should consists of different roles that should be performed by the HR assistant.The role of HR assistant will be like connection between the Manager and the employees with in the company.HR assistant should hold the HR background. In this case it is listed that Virginia is responsible for

HR functions and duties should be maintained and assisted day to day

Employee records should be maintained and records should be updated if required.

Should deal with the employee issues and there problems.Properly handle the problems.

Interview schedule’s should be created and conducting the interviews.For the newly appointed persons orientation programs be conducted.

Flexible schedule’s be required.Provide the clerical and admistrative support to the managers,ceo”s and the executive’s.

All the projects related to the HR must be coordinated carefully.


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