Question & Answer: Sport Marketing 1-1 Discussion: Sport Marketing and Strategic Management…

Sport Marketing

1-1 Discussion: Sport Marketing and Strategic Management

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Question & Answer: Sport Marketing 1-1 Discussion: Sport Marketing and Strategic Management…
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Identify at least 5 specific sport marketing activities that the NFL is doing and explain what their main goal for performing each activity. Do you think the NFL is being successful? Why or why not?

Expert Answer

Following are the main 5 marketing strategies and initiatives which are carried out by NFL:-

1.      Market Research Drives DecisionsIn recent times there is a fast growth in the worn fan following of NFL which increased up to 44% in which almost 60% of female fans are over 12 years of age. One of the method which is adopted to reach out to its women fan is to rethink the women’s apparel strategy from the clichéd “pink it and shrink it” approach in which the items on Nike and Victoria’s Secret in team colors are made matching the requirements of woman’s body. Booth, watches and other accessories were also included in it.

2.      Aggressive Market Expansion– Apart from increasing the women fn following, NFL also concentrated to expand its reach to other countries by organizing preseason games in various countries of Europe, Japan, Mexico, Canada in which the largest crowd attainted a 1994 game between the Dallas Cowboys and Houston Oilers. Every game which was played in London’s Wembley Stadium was sold out.

3.      Year Long Content Calendar Creates a Buzz–NFL created a never ending year long calendar which combines draft, preseason, training camp, playoffs and Super Bowl games.

4.      Message Discipline–NGL is connected to a united messaging front. NFL has a strong message transmission with te help of United Way partnership, NFL network, owners and coaches, current and former players. All the decisions are announced to the public, live with it and they take other decisions.

5.      The Art & Science of Marketing- The NFL combines strategy and creativity to make it memorable. Marketing is treated as both art and science in NFL. They have a very vast contrast in advertising small logo in lower right corner and Big image of Flacco. They have unique sound track in background, quick video shots. They are also using different marketing modes such as social media, web, print and radio, broadcast and cable TV

Success of NFL:- NFL is successful due to following reasons:-

  • In comparison to any other sporting events, the advertising in NFL makes huge money which is a clear sign of its successful marketing strategies.
  • Fans of NFL are not only connected with their teams but they are crazy for NFL which means that fans love the games not just the teams.
  • NFL is able to spread its reach to different countries such as Japan, Canada , Mexico.
  • There is an increased fan following of NFL in both young and old and males and females.

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