Question & Answer: Review the Missed Opportunities for Interprofessional Practice video clip:…..

Review the Missed Opportunities for Interprofessional Practice video clip:

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Question & Answer: Review the Missed Opportunities for Interprofessional Practice video clip:…..
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Using the concepts in Brown et al., describe the following in your post:

The source of the team conflict you observed (role boundary issues, scope of practice and accountability).

Barriers to conflict resolution (lack of time and workload issues, people in less powerful positions, lack of recognition or motivation to address conflict, avoiding confrontation for fear of causing other team members’ emotional discomfort)

Develop a plan to address the conflict. Utilize at least one resource related to conflict resolution that is not part of the course to support your response.

In a brief reply to at least one other post, compare and contrast your responses or add another aspect to the comments about source of conflict, barriers to resolution or the plan to address the conflict.

Expert Answer


The video reflects a scenario wherein a medical discussion round is going on and the participants who are medicine trainee whose inputs are seeked are only busy having their own leisure time while the coordinator addresses the cases. Lack of attention and concentration are the prime sources of conflct in this meeting.

The conflicts can be aimed at well solving by addressing individual with recognition and customized motivation. Absence of team’s coordination and synergy to be able to connect is also a contributor to failure of conflict resolving.

The approach of researching on the root cause of the conflict and engaging for brainstorming to address the issues within the team itself and leaving all of the members to commubicomm and resolve to convene back as a team is what is needed in order to avoid the future scope of arising issues.

To compare with another kind of a conflicting scenario we may refer to a situation where in the members happen to suddenly break into a heated discussion and end up in clash which is a sudden occurance and not a result of a persisiting negligence , that kind of a conflict requires a quick impromptu action

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