Question & Answer: Reply to the comments below with 3-4 sentences, recieve thumbs up ^^…..

Reply to the comments below with 3-4 sentences, recieve thumbs up ^^

The stakeholders and the company as a whole will be affected by John’s decision. It can be difficult to quantify the damage bribery has on a company, particularly when it actually accelerates the growth of a business, albeit by shady practices. Bribery affected a business operations across four dimensions of competitiveness: its external business relations, its interaction with regulators, its public reputation, and the morale of its employees.

Whether John takes the bribe or declines the official’s request. His decision ultimately impacts the company and everyone in it. Because if they do not get the building set up quickly, it costs them money about $25,000 per month, it also costs the company money because they can’t get a building set up to get their services going in that market to start creating revenue. If he does give in to the bribe from the officials then the company now loses $300,000 off the bat plus whatever the construction for the new facility may be, taxes, licenses, material, 30 new employees salary, etc.

Who else besides John is affected by the decision?

Expert Answer


Bribery– It is an act of giving or promising something to someone in return of money.

If John takes bribe, it is not an ethical and legal action and decision. John’s company’s image will come down if takes bribe, Company’s Goodwill will be affected. Company can earn revenue and profit but cannot earn Goodwill and brand image again. Company’s public reputation will com down, employees and stakeholders will get demotivated with this action. Bribery increases the corruption in an organization. Many people take bribe but innocent public suffers by this offence. People take bribe and use the less quality material that later turns into some negative consequences.

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