Question & Answer: reply to both comments with 3-4 sentences response, recieve thumbs up ^^…..

reply to both comments with 3-4 sentences response, recieve thumbs up ^^

John should not take the bribery. Taking bribery is against the law for all business. Not even in business, it is against everywhere. Even if he gets fired from that job he can find another job.

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Question & Answer: reply to both comments with 3-4 sentences response, recieve thumbs up ^^…..
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The significance of stakeholder analysis is to understand the interest of each stakeholder and to strategize on how to address them in ethical business practices. Stakeholder analysis is the review and consideration of the impact stakeholders have on the company. This has becoming increasingly important, as non-shareholder entities, including customers, employees, communities and business partners, have become more key to business success. John should really consider the stakeholders in his analysis because stakeholders are people or groups that are affected by his company’s operations. To determine an ethical outcome John should be very careful on making decision on whether to bribe or decline the offer to bribe. Bribes are known to always have negative impacts and affects many along the way. John was offered a bribe to pay $100,000 to each senior official in order to speed up the process of manufacturing the buildings John was assigned to do (Brooks.2010). Of course, anyone would want to get the job done as quickly as possible but in John’s case he should not take the bribe. Taking the bribe was something that John’s boss made strictly clear should not happen (Brooks.2010) and by rules and policy, it would be best if John denied the bribe.

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1) The stakehlder analysis is always considered for the Shareholders of the company, but more than the owner ie. the shareholders, it is the other stakeholders like customers, employees, communities and business persons who are influencing the business. The shareholders invest in the start-up of the company, but other stakeholders helps the shareholder to operate and growth of the business of the company. The analysis of the other stakeholders is also important because it provides us the analysis of the Sales and the expenses which results in profits.

2) John offering bribe to each senior official to speed up the process of manufacturing the building is unethical on point of view to John and other concerns. It is the responsibility of the officials to finish the buildiing making at the earliest. The bribe receiving and giving is wrong under all the rules and policies of everyone and everywhere. It is unethical and it will made the environment uncondusive to work in because everyone accepts some kind of bribe to do his / her work. So, John’s boss is correct if it fires Johe on bribing the officials.

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