Question & Answer: Read the following article:…..

Read the following article:

After reading the article, answer the following questions: Which types of organizational commitment might differ from millennials to members of older generations? For the companies featured in the article, how might the things they do improve organizational commitment for millennials?

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Question & Answer: Read the following article:…..
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Expert Answer

The older generation employees are good at things that are given to them. They accept the strategy laid down in front of them. They are willing to operate within that frame and can show their organizational commitment within that boundary. On the contrary, the Millenials don’t think is this way. They cannot walk through the paths laid by others. instead, they are more willing to take part in making those paths i.e. making significant participation in the strategic planning process and the implementation. From that point of view, the Millenials are having a more entrepreneurial mindset compared to the Gen X or Boomers. They want Autonomy (decision-making power), Mastery (power to excel in a given field), and Purpose(match of organization’s financial purpose and the reason for existence) to be integral parts of their commitment to the organization.

In order to improve organizational commitment for the Millennials, companies are taking innovative paths. First, some of them are involving the Millenials in strategic decision making at the firm level (henceAutonomy). Second, there is a great deal of focus on building capabilities and opportunity to develop the career for the Millenials though Job Rotations and development programs (hence Mastery). Third, companies like Boston Consulting Group are considering changes in recruitment procedure and putting a heavy reliance on peer feedback as that is considered of high value in the Millenial community. Finally, all the companies are focusing on components of total rewards which includes a decent balance between work and life. The benefits include flexible scheduling, telecommuting options, paid sabbaticals, and paid volunteer days.

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