Question & Answer: (question from case study 4.4 in project management for engineering, bussiness…..

(question from case study 4.4 in project management for engineering, bussiness and technology, edition 4th, pg:159)

4. Comment on the problem, that once money has been allocated to the process, people might become “hooked” into the project and be tempted to go ahead regardless of high risks.

Expert Answer


When a project receives funding, the people associated with the project would focus their attention on executing the project . In the process, the project members would overlook the risk factors present in the project or there will be a tendency to not consider the risk factors present in the project. This tendency could have long term adverse impact on the successful implementation of the project. Problems could arise midway during the project implementation when the risk elements begin to appear and if they not addressed immediately, the risk elements could seriously jeopardize the project . Therefore people should not become hooked into the project because money has been allocated. Even after money has been allocated, people who are involved in the project should do a risk assessment and proceed with the project implementation if the risk involved can be contained and they do not affect the successful outcome of the project.

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