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(Financial application: calculate tips) Write a program that reads the subtotal and the gratuity rate and computes the gratuity and total.

For example, if the user enters 10 for the subtotal and 15% for the gratuity rate, the program displays 1.5 as the gratuity and 11.5 as the total.

Here is a sample run:

Enter the subtotal and a gratuity rate:
The gratuity is 2.35 and the total is 18.04

Expert Answer



#prompt and read sub total and gratuity rate as strings
subTotal,gratuityRate = input(“Enter the subtotal and gratuity rate: “).split(” “)

#convert the sub total into float
subTotal = float(subTotal)

#convert the gratuity rate into float
gratuityRate = float(gratuityRate)

#compute the gratuity
gratuity = subTotal * (gratuityRate / 100)

#compute the total
total = subTotal + gratuity

#display the output
print (“The gratuity is {:0.2f} and the total is {:0.2f}”.format(gratuity, total))


Program screenshot:

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