Question & Answer: Project: Prior to the establishment of Globex, founding business B T & Sons Farming…..


Prior to the establishment of Globex, founding business B T & Sons Farming Equipment established the annual Riverina Agriculture and Lifestyle Show (RALS) in the year 2000. The RALS is a 3-day event held in November each year and showcases farmers, local business, agricultural equipment suppliers and lifestyle products. The management of the RALS requires the coordination of show stands, demonstrations, live displays, catering, and volunteers, and was originally undertaken by B T & Sons.

The RALS has grown significantly since its inception and is now managed by a community committee. Globex however is still committed to the RALS and has strong community engagement through the management and coordination of the volunteers required for the RALS to run smoothly

All takings from the show gates are donated to charity Indigenous Community Volunteers (ICV), who are very active in the Riverina Region. ICV are invited by communities to help them achieve their own goals through their national network of skilled volunteers, who provide practical hands-on help where skills and resources are limited. The ICV also provides volunteers to assist with the RALS, giving back to the community they are working in.

In order to maximise gate takings and therefore donations to ICV, the RALS is heavily dependent on ticket sales.

Currently, tickets can only be purchased at the RALS gates, which causes significant delays, especially on opening day. It is also suspected that when crowds are large and the ticket sales process is slow, people are slipping through the gates without paying to avoid a lengthy wait. The gates are currently manned by volunteers who simply observe that each person entering is carrying a valid ticket. When crowd numbers are large or during peak periods, it is difficult for volunteers to check all tickets.

To improve this process and maximise ticket sales, the RALS committee have made the decision to outsource the development of a ticketing system. As founders of the RALS and trusted committee members Globex has been asked to take the lead role in sourcing a suitable business to develop the ticketing system. As such, based on their long-standing relationship, Globex has contracted Virtucon to develop the required system.

Project Description

The RALS committee have requested a computer-based ticketing system to replace their current manual system.

Currently tickets can only be purchased at the RALS gates which causes significant delays, especially on opening day. It is also suspected that when crowds are large and the ticket sales process is slow, people are slipping through the gates without paying to avoid a lengthy wait.

To improve this the RALS committee have recommended an online ticketing system be implemented. The system should enable patrons to access ticket sale from any online platform and mobile device so that tickets can be purchased before the event. Tickets need to be digitally enabled and can be scanned at the gate so that a range of reports can be generated by the system. As well as digital sales, tickets should also be available for purchase from a number of locations in the town and at the gates for those who do not have access to a computer or suitable device. It is expected however that the ability to purchase tickets prior to the event will significantly reduce the queues at the gates and ticket evasion.

The RALS committee have indicated that a number of ticket options should be made available

Single day passes

2 & 3 day passes

Family passes (2 adults and max 3 kids under 16)

Kids passes (under 16)

Student passes (valid with student id for over 16s)

Concession passes (valid with a pension card)

Stall holders pass (3 free passes per stall. If more are required they are charged at the concession rate).

The RALS committee have also requested that:

A cost estimate and budget be prepared for the cost of the system development and implementation

Barcodes or QR codes are used on tickets and that turnstiles with barcode readers be installed (to capture data, reduce number of volunteers and reduce ticket evasion)

Tickets may be printed as well as e-tickets generated

Detailed reporting system to include (but not limited to):

sales of tickets & breakdown of ticket type

how many bought tickets vs how many were redeemed

how many people came through the gates each day / peak times

where tickets were purchased (online / outlet / gate).

We need to Writing the Learning Cycles(The Learning Cycle correctly addresses all project requirements and documents the roles of the group fully )
Learning cycles give structure to your team meetings and accountability for when you and your team work outside of the meeting schedule
Firstly, prior to your next meeting, assign roles to the team. There should only be two central roles – the organiser and the scribe:
• Organiser – organises the meeting by writing down the team’s ideas and then distributes them to the team for feedback.
• Scribe – documents the ideas and action point going forward.
Note: Roles should be rotated for each meeting and assigned so that everyone on the team has equal responsibility.

Using peer learning and reflections, document your understanding of the project at this point in time in a table format.

Note: it is likely at this early stage of the project that you will write down very few facts. You will have a few more assumptions and probably a larger list of questions to be answered. Seek answers to your questions, and show the iteration of learning cycles as you gain a deeper understanding

Expert Answer

Peer learning is the process in which each person involved learns with and from each other without any implied authority to any individual. People learn by explaining their ideas and listening to other people ideas. Since ticket sales are the main factor affecting the success of the event, it should be managed effectively considering the chaos faced by customers as well as the people contributing as volunteers to the events. This project of introducing inline ticketing system needs to be organized in a systematic manner.

Tickets for such events need to be ordered way in advance since many people are expected to attend. Thus it requires sophisticated online systems to manage and track sales accordingly. It is recommended to use a robust ticketing software for a large event. Firstly consider the type of tickets you are going to have. Ticket types can include tickets for VIP individuals, discounted tickets, group tickets and many others. You may even create tickets that are divided according to different timings. For instance, you may have one category for morning sessions while the other for evening sessions. Thus there is a step by step procedure to organize the ticketing of such events effectively.

  1. Create a registration process that is easy to understand and is optimized for all types of devices.
2. Provide online support to attendees by giving them an easy link to contact
3. The prices of tickets will be determined by the type of ticket you create. Most events have premium tickets that are priced highly. You can then have discounted tickets to motivate the middle-income groups to attend your event
4. Arrange for a cloud based event management platform that helps in marketing campaign and online registration system.
5. It should be easily shareable, easy to use and easy for you to keep track of the number of tickets that have been sold for the event
6. You have to have the appropriate page set up for the purchasers of the tickets. Event ticketing websites can give you instructions on how to get started with selling tickets.
7. Do not spend hours checking-in attendees at the door with a piece of paper or spreadsheet. Barcodes or QR codes can be used to validate a ticket purchase and record attendance. Your audience can bring the barcode on paper or in electronic format to be checked-in and it only takes seconds.
8. Enable better tracking by reducing human error.
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