Question & Answer: Please help with these questions. Personal opinion is okay. Thank you….

Please help with these questions. Personal opinion is okay. Thank you.

Why do you believe that we still don’t have federal legislation that protects women from inequity in the work force?

Why has inequity in the workforce become such a politicized issue with some political parties?

Expert Answer

There is no Federal legislation which protects women from inequality in the workforce. America is said to have the biggest democracy in the world. Yet there is no Equal rights Amendment in the constitution which says women have equal rights in the work place. This is due to politics. Politicians and democrats will not let that happen for the fear of women dominance. In the recent elections, why did people vote Trump instead of Hilary? Because, people think women are unfit to rule the nation. They are afraid of women power and empowerment; and ultimately fear the women dominance. Same applies here in the work force, although women lead the billion dollar companies, although they are way ahead of men in their performance, they will always be inequality in the system.

Our society is male dominated, hence a gap has been created which says men has upper hand in every thing and every where. Change has to come from the people. If people can change, a new legislation can be made for the women, for protecting their rights.

2) Political parties need anything to everything for politicizing an issue. Inequality in the workforce is not an issue, it is a fact. Political parties need undue attention, hence they keep searching for topics for making it a political issue. They make it a national issue, when there are so many real issues around which need attention. Women inequality in the workforce will always gain popularity upon others. Since, both the genders are involved here and it is always an unending debate. It is just like the debate on – which came first? A hen or an egg? is always an unending debate. So is the debate on women inequality in the work place; an unending story. That’s why political parties make it a political issue.

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