Question & Answer: Please give a feed Back in a paragraph or two on the SWOT DONE BY FLORENCE…..

Please give a feed Back in a paragraph or two on the SWOT DONE BY FLORENCE USING THE GRADING CRITERIA OUTLINED

SWOT Analysis Assignment & Rubric
Nursing Organizational Readiness to Introduce the CNL Role
SWOT Analysis – Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats
Your assignment is to work as an individual or a team with the other students from your organization. Be
sure to talk with CNLs in your organization for their ideas if you have nurses in this role. Outline your
SWOT analysis using the format below (should be 2-3 pages). Prepare a Narrated Power Point with at least
four slides that outlines the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to post. Assignment is worth
15% of grade and should be posted both to the SWOT Assignment tab in Unit 2 and the SWOT Discussion
SWOT Analyses are frequently used by business for strategic planning purposes.
A SWOT Analysis is an effective method of identifying the Strengths and Weaknesses in your organization and to
examine the Opportunities and Threats that you may face in trying to introduce the CNL role and promote a
strategic change. Often carrying out an analysis using the SWOT framework will be enough to reveal what you
need to be thinking about as you look at introducing the CNL role into your environment.
To carry out a SWOT Analysis write down answers to the following questions:
· Strengths:
o What are the strengths in your organization that support the introduction of the CNL role (ex. CNO
o What does your organization already do well that would support the CNL project? (ex.
Transforming Care at the Bedside or TCAB already introduced, existing CNL or similar role in
place, staff ready for change)
o What strengths do you and your colleagues in the CNL program from your organization personally
bring to the project?
Consider this from your own point of view and from the point of view of the people you deal with. Don’t be
modest, be realistic. If you are having any difficulty with this, try writing down a list of your
characteristics. Some of these will hopefully be strengths!
· Weaknesses:
o What problems or processes exist in your organization that could create problems? (Ex.
Communication, pilot unit is very disorganized)
o What issues with the staff, support staff and interprofessional colleagues could create problems
with implementation of the CNL role? (Ex. Professional Jealousy, MD-RN Collaboration is poor)
Again this should be considered from an internal and external basis – do other people perceive weaknesses
that you don’t see? Do your competitors do any better? It is best to be realistic now, and face any unpleasant
truths as soon as possible.
· Opportunities
o What are some of the best chances to make an impact? (Ex. Improve Continuity or Transitions in
Care, Better Mentoring for new Staff)
o What are the interesting trends in your organization that you could have a positive outcome on in
the CNL role?
o Are there changes in governmental policy that could positively impact your role? (Ex. Medicare
Reimbursement for Performance/Value Based Purchasing)
o Are there changes in the population you serve that could be an opportunity for you to positively
influence care?
· Threats
o What obstacles do you face in gaining acceptance for the CNL role?
o What possible professional issues could impact the CNL role?
o Is the CNL role understood by others and if not, what problems could exist? (Ex. Role Confusion)
o Could changing technology threaten your position?
o Could changes in reimbursement negatively impact your role?
Grading Rubric
Identification of the strengths within your
organization that support the introduction of
the CNL role.
3 points
Shares some of the existing internal and
external weaknesses (problems/issues) in your
organization that could cause you difficulty?
3 points
What are some of the opportunities where the
CNL could really make a difference? 3 points
What obstacles might you face in getting the
CNL role accepted? 3 points
APA 6th edition Formatting-clarity,
organization, spelling, grammar, punctuation,
& syntax. Narration of PowerPoint. Feedback
to two of your colleagues on their SWOT
3 points
Total Points: 15

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Question & Answer: Please give a feed Back in a paragraph or two on the SWOT DONE BY FLORENCE…..
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Clinical Nurse Leader Role in Department of Veterans Affairs Healthcare System

presented by: Florence B. Yap

Florida Atlantic University


Veterans Health Administration (VHA) is the early adaptor to support the implementation and growth of CNL role in different areas nationwide

As of 2013, over 70 Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VAMC) facilities are participating in the CNL initiatives

CNL role implementation resulted in a significant increased in level of patient care and patient satisfaction (Office of Nursing Services, 2012)


Leaders and staff from different departments questioned the difference of CNL role to other nursing specialty such as Nurse Educator (Harris, Rousel, & Thomas, 2016)

Management are skeptical on the initiative results of having a CNL in the specific areas

Limited CNL availability in different specialty areas such as PeriOperative setting


VHA facilities offers scholarships to permanent full- and part-time registered nurses who want to further their studies especially in CNL graduate degrees

VHA has developed a number of training, leadership and recognition programs to help CNL develop professionally

In 2011, Office of Nursing Services (ONS) created CNL Implementation and Evaluation (CNL I&E) services which measures the growth of CNL practice

(Office of Nursing Services, 2012)


CNL role’s operational definition was not fully understood

CNL initiatives and outcomes not well published

Nurse executives lacking knowledge of CNL role prevents the support of new CNLs and CNL students

Expert Answer

The paragraph is given below:

The strength of Veterans Health Administration is to adapt to support on implementing the CNL role in different areas and the facilities are participating in the program initiation. The level of patient care and patient satisfaction is high in the company and that is their major strength to retain their customers. The main weakness is limited CLN availability in specialty areas. The leaders and staff from different departments did not understand the role.

The opportunity is the nurses have scholarship offers for studying the CNL graduate degree. The VLA has developed training, leadership and recognition programs to build CNL professional. The main opportunity is CNL Implementation and Evaluation for the growth of CNL practice. The main threat is the role of CNL is not understood, so there will not be any initiative and outcomes on the CNL with the employees.

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