Question & Answer: Please create a Corporate Ethics Policy……

Please create a Corporate Ethics Policy.

Expert Answer

The ethical side of the Corporate needs to be focused in order to brief the Corporate Ethics Policy. It focuses over attention on the actions as well as the attitudes of managers towards a growing multitude of constituents.

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Question & Answer: Please create a Corporate Ethics Policy……
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There are two sides of a sheet of paper

Business side: sales, profits, market share

Ethical side: human feelings of satisfaction, relative fairness, long term consequences for society and environment.

Accordingly, following is the Corporate Ethics Policy:

·         Decision making process should give an affirmation of their individual freedom and responsibility.

·         It should promote consideration and respect for all constituents.

·         Encouraging calculation of the long term impact of decisions before any decisions are reached.

·         It should be relatively free of religious, cultural or nationalistic bias.

·         Exercising the rights to privacy and rights to speech within the Organization.

·         Appreciation and rewards to the ‘Whistle-blowers’ in the Organization who brings into light the wrong-doings or inappropriate behavior of the Department or employees.

·         Imposing of and enforcing of rules fairly and impartially so there is an equitable distribution such as in the category of wages or using use seniority as the primary determinant in making layoff decisions

·         Altering people’s values or souls isn’t the aim of our organizational ethics program – managing values and conflict among them is.

·         “When the topic of business ethics comes up, people are quick to speak of the Golden Rule, honesty and courtesy.” These are our basic minimum requirements of Ethical policy in the Organization.

·         We believe that Stress or confusion are not excuses for ethical actions – they are reasons.

·         Social responsibility movement is one aspect of the overall discipline of business ethics and hence the Organization is bound by it.

·         Values of our management are also highly important as other Management decisions and strategic planning.

·         To incorporate Corporate ethics our organization would require to maintain integrity in terms of Wholeness, reliability, consistency, treating the other employees with respect and Honesty in the best possible manner.

·         Commitment to the promises should also be highly regarded.

·         All the departmental goals should be clearer to ensure stronger commitment.

·         Corporate ethics should be applied both internally and externally in terms of meeting the obligations of the staff employees as well as that with the vendors.

Thus in the above way, our Corporate ethics policy would like to ensure that the employees try to bind by the ethical values governing our Organization in the best way. If need be, timely training and development activities reinforcing the concepts of Corporate ethics would also be imparted to the employees working at all levels in the Organization.

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