Question & Answer: Paradox of Structure 1. One of the primary distinctions between Adaption…..

Paradox of Structure

1. One of the primary distinctions between Adaption and Innovation lies in the different ways individuals prefer to manage structure.

a. First, give some examples of different kinds of structure.

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Question & Answer: Paradox of Structure 1. One of the primary distinctions between Adaption…..
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b. Explain how adaptors and innovators (strictly speaking, those who are more adaptive or more innovative) differ in their preferences for managing structure.

c. Is it possible to function without structure?

d. Does an individual’s preferred problem solving style change over time?

2. How do adaptors and innovators differ with respect to their approaches for generating ideas when problem solving?

3. Describe the essential roles that both adaptors and innovators play in organizations. Why is it essential that organizations support problem solving diversity?

4. What key element of cognition do creativity and problem solving share?

5. Concept formation represents the basic building block of cognition. What is a ‘concept’, and how are concepts defined?

6. What is the difference between normal science and science in crisis?

7. How do adaptors and innovators vary in their problem solving approaches when dealing with unresolved novelty?

Expert Answer



a) Structures in an organisation is mainly classified into 3 types:-

✓Functional structure

✓ Divisional Structure

✓ Matrix Structure

✓ Functional Structure:- This structure works very well for small businesses in which each department can rely on the talent and knowledge of it’s workers and support itself.The Communication between departments are restricted in this structure.

Divisional Structure:- This structure is typica used in large scale industries that operate in a wide geographic areas. Divisional structure is costly because of its size and scope.

Matrix Structure:- This structure is a hybrid of divisional and functional structures. Matrix Structure is typically used in large multinational companies.The matrix Structure allows the benefits of Functional Structure and Divisional Structure that exists in one organization.

b) Adaptors prefer more Structures when problem solving, with most of this structure agreed in consensus. Innovators prefer solving problem with less structure and are less concerned with the agreement concerning the structures design.

C) Yes it is possible to function without structure. But for efficiency of the function structure is important. A good balance should be sought to define structure.It should be too restrictive or too loose.

d) It is usually stabilizes over a lifetime of a person. When a person placed out of his /her comfort zone ,he might develop mechanisms to cope with the situation but after the crises is over he/she brings back to their natural style.

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