Question & Answer: Need help on my assignment……

Need help on my assignment.

Using an Internet search engine, find and download a public- domain photographic image no larger than 500 KB to your computer. Download a steganographic tool if you haven’t already, and embed the text message “This is an example of steganography” into the public-domain image. Send the com- bined file to your instructor, along with the name of the tool you used and the procedure you used to insert the message. Include instructions on how to extract it.

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Question & Answer: Need help on my assignment……
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I have downloaded a public- domain photographic imageI & have used a steganographic tool Xiao Steganography.

The size of this tool is less than 3 mb and you can download it by searching the web easily.

“This is an example of steganography” this meassage has been encrypted in the following image in a format of a normal text file.

Here is the Image –

Question & Answer: Need help on my assignment...... 1

Instructions for extraction (after downloading the above image and the software tool Xiao Steganography) –

1. Open Xiao Steganography.

2. Click on extract files.

3. Click on load source file and select the above image.

4. You will see the encrypted text file and then a text box asking for password. Enter password chegg123and then it will give you an option to save the text file.

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