Question & Answer: Mr. P is a 76-year-old male with cardiomyopathy and congestive heart failure who has been hospitalized…

Mr. P is a 76-year-old male with cardiomyopathy and congestive heart failure who has been hospitalized frequently to treat CHF symptoms. He has difficulty maintaining diet restrictions and managing his polypharmacy. He has 4+ pitting edema, moist crackles throughout lung fields, and labored breathing. He has no family other than his wife, who verbalizes sadness over his declining health and over her inability to get out of the house. She is overwhelmed with the stack of medical bills, as Mr. P always took care of the financial issues. Mr. P is despondent and asks why God has not taken him.


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Question & Answer: Mr. P is a 76-year-old male with cardiomyopathy and congestive heart failure who has been hospitalized…
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Considering Mr. P’s condition and circumstance, write an essay of 500-750 words that includes the following:

·          Describe your approach to care.

·          Recommend a treatment plan.

·          Describe a method for providing both the patient and family with education and explain your rationale.

·          Provide a teaching plan (avoid using terminology that the patient and family may not understand).

Expert Answer

Nursing pathophysiology Assignment Help- Sample Introduction

Cardiomyopathy is disease that influences the muscles of the heart making it not able to appropriately play out the capacity for which was made; supply of blood to all parts of the body. There are many sorts of cardiomyopathy with the most well-known ones being: Dilated , Hypertrophic , Arrhythmogenic and Restrictive cardiomyopathy.Although the reason for Mr. P’s wellbeing is issue questionable, there is a solid doubt that the real guilty party is cardiomyopathy.The kind of cardiomyopathy obscure however given the way that Mr. P appears to have built up the infection past his prime ,the in all likelihood type of cardiomyopathy could be prohibitive cardiomyopathy which as a rule influences more seasoned grown-ups. This ailment is showed by lessened ventricular volume subsequently influencing the pumping capacity of the heart and in this manner creating heart disappointment. Treatment of the malady is focused at segregation of the underlying driver and ensuing utilization of prescription to treat the patient. It is prompted that the patient ought to likewise consider way of life changes including sharing of a solid eating regimen rich in supplements and low in cholesterol.

Approach to care

Legitimate care of the patient has an undisputed part in drawing out Mr. P`s life and expanding the treatment plan`s viability. Fuse of practice into the treatment regimen is an imperative variable. Mr. P’s delicate body can’t withstand strenuous practice accordingly light activities like short energetic strolls, lifting light weights and swimming can be considered. Be that as it may, it is essential to counsel the wellbeing specialist on this issue before setting out on any type of practice to minimize the likelihood of presenting the patient to further dangers. Visit softens up between practice ought to be considered to maintain a strategic distance from overexertion.

Treatment plan

The specialist should investigate the patient`s therapeutic records to decide conceivable pointers of the sickness furthermore break down his family history on the grounds that the illness has a tendency to be inherited. It is additionally vital to break down the patient`s way of life by taking a gander at components like utilization of liquor and medications like cocaine both of which increment the likelihood of creating cardiomyopathy (Spoladore, Maron, D’Amato, Camici, and Olivotto, 2012). Different manifestations are displayed including: shortness of breath, trunk torments, weariness, poor craving, and swelling of the feet among others(Haugaa et al., 2012). To improve the nature of Mr. P’s life, it is vital to deal with these indications through a blend of good eating regimen, practice and drug. Appropriate finding of the correct type of cardiomyopathy will be conceivable in the wake of directing a trunk radiograph, electrocardiography (ECG), and an echocardiogram. Research facility discoveries will uncover the platelet number and renal, glucose, lipid, liver, and thyroid boards. From that point hostile to coagulants can be utilized to anticipate blood clusters while aggravation of the heart muscles can be overseen by the corticosteroids. In the event that the patient encounters a quick pulse, calcium blockers or beta blockers would prove to be useful to cure the issue (Grewal, 2012).

Method of education

It is critical to build up an exhaustive training plan to illuminate the patient and the guardian on the most proficient method to deal with the infection. They have to know the elements that can irritate the illness like less than stellar eating routine and stress. It is likewise vital to teach them about the drug particularly about the reactions, how the pharmaceutical ought to be managed furthermore figures that may increment or decrease its viability. Handouts, flyers and whatever other light perusing material may given to the patient and the guardian to help with spread of data (Webber, Higgins, and Baker, 2001). Troublesome, specialized terms ought to be kept away from however much as could reasonably be expected and where they can’t be substituted with less complex terms, they ought to be obviously clarified. Instruction ought to likewise take a reasonable perspective like a show on how perused fixings in nourishment bundles with the point of distinguishing sustenances with high sodium and cholesterol rates.

Teaching plan

The teaching can be executed in a progression of steps.- Need to purchase a nursing research paper.

Step one: Meet with Mr. P and his significant other will’s identity the essential parental figure and clarify the hidden actualities identifying with the ailment. This will include letting them know the correct type of cardiomyopathy influencing Mr. P and its side effects. It might be important to quickly inform them concerning different sorts of cardiomyopathy with the goal that they can have a superior comprehension of the condition when all is said in done.

Step two: Explain how the sickness is influencing the body by repressing blood flow. This should be possible utilizing outlines of the heart and the blood course prepare.

Step three: Explain to the patient the different treatment choices accessible and manage him in selecting the most reasonable one in view of his condition.

Step four: Once the patient has chosen the treatment choice, clarify what it will involve, conceivable dangers and address any worries raised by the patient.

Step five: Explain the way to deal with care particularly the part of eating routine and work out

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