Question & Answer: Measuring Responses In the present business environment, the best decisions are the ones…..

Measuring Responses In the present business environment, the best decisions are the ones that are informed decisions. Such decisions are based on collecting and analyzing good data. In order to properly measure, for example, the customers’ preferences regarding a product, it is important for a survey to ask the correct questions and in the correct manner.

•What are the advantages and disadvantages of conducting a face-to-face interview compared with a less personal approach such as having someone fill out a questionnaire online?

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Question & Answer: Measuring Responses In the present business environment, the best decisions are the ones…..
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•What are the advantages and disadvantages of having structured questions compared with unstructured questions? •What are the advantages and disadvantages of asking open-ended responses compared with structured responses?

•What are some alternative response strategies?

Obtaining Results from a Survey Surveys are a good tool for collecting valuable information, if designed and implemented properly. It is important that a survey provide valuable results.

•What can be done to assist in obtaining relevant results from a survey?

•How can a researcher build rapport with a participant?

•Would confidentiality likely lead to better results for a survey? Why or why not?

•What is pretesting? Is it useful in obtaining relevant results from a survey?

Expert Answer


Advantages of F2F Interviews

  • It facilitates in-depth data collection and comprehensive understanding of the responses.
  • It is possible to have a better understanding of body language and facial expression.
  • In order to find the explanation of the responses given by the respondents, the interviewer can ask counter questions.
  • Different types of stimulus and visual aids can be used to facilitate the interview process.

Disadvantages of F2F interviews

  • It takes a lot of time than online surveys and other methods.
  • It can also result in lots of expenses incurred in traveling
  • Respondents can be biased

Answer: – Advantages of a structured interview:-

·         The complete process of the interview becomes efficient and all the respondents are asked the same questions that the trends and responses can be analyzed equally and impartially.

·         It is possible to check the reliability of data collected by repeating the interview again.

·         The line of questioning can be expanded and more detailed responses can be received from the respondent.

·         It facilitates a richer, more comprehensive view of an issue.


·         There are restrictions on the answers given by the interviewee.

·         The responder can be influenced by the personality of the interviewer.

·         In order to show himself more socially acceptable, the interviewee can present fake data.

·         It is more complex, more time consuming and more expensive

·         There is no flexibility of questions asked.

Answer:- Advantages of Open ended:-

  • A number of responses can be obtained.
  • The detailed answers can be given by the respondents.
  • It is possible to find out some surprising facts.
  • Adequate answers to complex issues is possible.
  • Creativity, self-expression, and richness of detail are boosted.

Disadvantages of Open ended:-

  • There can be unlimited responses to analyze.
  • There can be many responses which are irrelevant.
  • Comparisons and statistical analysis will be quite complex and trivial.
  • Coding becomes quite complex
  • A lot of time may be required.
  • There is a possibility of intimidation of respondents due to some special questions

Answer:- In order to get the relevant responses from the respondents, it is important to have an appropriate research scale, better communication approach and the style of questions and the responses which are required. One has to ensure that the questions are as short as possible and should not be complicated to understand.

Answer:- It is important for the researcher to be relaxed and honest for creating a rapport with the respondent. The researcher must express to the respondents that their answers are important and have relevance for the research. This will create a stress-free environment and make participants more comfortable.

Answer: – Yes, there will be a great help with the confidentiality. If there is any kind of threat presented to the respondents of disclosing their identity in some controversial issues, they will either not participate in the survey or present the false responses.

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