Question & Answer: MAKE A PRESENTION OF 12 SLIDES Scenario…..



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Question & Answer: MAKE A PRESENTION OF 12 SLIDES Scenario…..
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Selling is a key part of any business. In your role as a UAE Sales Manager for Aston Martin, you need to develop a sales strategy for your company’s product in the UAE which will make a major contribution towards Aston Martin meeting its marketing and corporate objectives.

Group Presentation (no more than two in a group) – 27th September 2017

1.1- Define personal selling and how it supports the promotional mix. Keep this generic and not related to Aston Martin.

1.2- Discuss buyer behavior and demonstrate how buyer behavior affects marketing activities in different buying situations (B2C & B2B).

1.3- Describe the role of personal selling in Aston Martin and detail the different roles within their sales team.

2.1- Prepare a sales presentation for an Aston Martin product.

2.2 – Carry out sales presentations for an Aston Martin product.

Expert Answer

  1. Aston Martin is a company which believe in luxury for the customer. It is famous for customizing the product as per customer need. Every customer us unique and important for the company. So it gives chance to them to give their input on base model and then develop whole vehicle as their style and requirement. Personal selling means understanding the need of individual customer and then sell the product or project the product to them as per their mind set or requirement. It help the customer in viewing the product as per their mind set and it help the company in increasing its sale as when we make people see what they want chances are more that they will buy it
  2. In every situation buyer mind set and seller mind set is different. In B2C business where company is dealing with customer directly in the case mentioned above. Buy want to know how that specific product is good for me and will help in many ways like value, quality, style, personal aspect etc. Buyer only think about themselves, so company have to project themselves in personalize manner. In B2B situation it is company to company, so they are not interested in specific product or need. Buyer is interested in how it will help in their business and company. How it will help in increasing their market value and profit
  3. Personal seller in Aston Martin is a very crucial role as it represents company and also they are the one who have to understand the client mind set and need in first place before presenting their offer. In their team, market researcher is there, sales person, requirement analyzer and manager. So firstly they will understand the broad market for need of specific area and make base of their presentation and then as per specific customer requirement, personality and likes and dislikes they make final proposal and also give option to customer to change as per need.

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