Question & Answer: Investigate some aspect of management technology in an organization. This discussion…..

Investigate some aspect of management technology in an organization. This discussion should include:

– Development of a case study illustrating a point in the management technology

– Further study and discus on a newer management technology practice

– Discussion of application of technology to solve an issue

– Discussion of an ethical dilemma and analysis using different ethical theories or codes

Expert Answer

In any Organization weather it is start up or well establised,there will be technology adopted by the mangement adopted by them so that they can develope,implement,plan and assess their futir aspiration according to the market present.Every Organizaion do foucus on the techology part as it is the most important aspect to carry out the growth in the furture.

For example if we take a start up or big Oragnizations .they adopt the techologies which have demand in the market and devlope the teams who can support the developement,implement the techology into applications and also support that whenever there is any issue caused and also administration of that technology.Some of the on going technologies are like JAVA,.Net,Orcale,IoT etc so to adopt these type of technologies in thier Orgniazations they take the projects from thier clients and promise them to complete the peoject in the stipulated timeline .So when they need to complete the project which they took from the client they need to have skilled technical employees who can work on that project by facing all the challenges which come thier way.

So all these should be taken care of the management of the Organization from the points like:

  • Analysing the technologies which are in demand
  • Planning out which of the techologies are to be adopted so that they could acheieve the targets and also growth.
  • Strategic planning by analysing which for which techology how many resources are to be hired and what should be the experinces of them and to what extent the Organizatin can afford then in the form salares and also other benfits so that they should make their employees secure and also motivational by provinding them appraisals,bonus,incentives etc.
  • Maintain the resources by taking care of them in such away that they should always get motivated and should not get the thought of leaving the ORganization.
  • Theres should be proper communication between the managers and also other resoucres of the Organization which helps them maintain good relations to all level of manages and makes the frinedly environment at workplace which boost the employees confidence and they will perform thier best at thier workplace.
  • Managers also look up have the owrkshops conducted to their resources to ennhance their skill on techinical aspects so that they will get the chance to adopt new features or techniques.
  • Every managers need to examine the project in the periodic intervals of time to check to what extent the work has been done and needs to know if any chanllenges which the resources are facing during working on the project.

So,to my knowlegede these are some of the points which are to taken care of the mangement technology in any of the Organizations weather it is small,mid sized or renowned Organization.

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