Question & Answer: Include discussion of web site navigation design patterns……

Research and discuss web navigation.

Include discussion of web site navigation design patterns.

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Question & Answer: Include discussion of web site navigation design patterns……
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Pleaae, use your own words.

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Web Navigation:

1. Simple:

Make your website very simple, which makes users to get inforamation very quickly.

2. Consistent:

Have a same navigation model for all the pages. So that users can easily navigate.

3. Clear:

Keep your text short and very clear when user is reading. If it is not clear it will cause a bad user experience.

4. Concise:

Remove less important elements from the main page. Add lot of link in vertical navigation only.

5. Interactive:

Make your website very interactive. If a user click on any icon it should navigate to desired location only.

6. Styled:

You should have stylished website with good color of the page name, text and navigation menu etc.

7. Accessible:

Your website should be accessible from any browser, any mobile devices etc.

8. Visual:

Visual information is much faster than textual information.

9. Responsive:

Web pages should fit to different devices and different screen sizes. which require a responsive solution

10. Animated:

Instead of simply appearing, try to have some animated effects like wipe down, fade or ratate etc.

Website Navigation design patterns:

1. Full screen navigation

It was a effective technique that helps users to navigate different pages and be angaged with site content.

2. Bottom of the Screen Navigation

This technique make somewhat sticky so that users can scroll and navigate easily.

3. Vertical Stacks

It is a new way to think about website canvas and space. This navigation is fun.

4. No Navigation:

Some smaller website uses no navigation at all.

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